"Everything can be blind box" is a false proposition

  Yu Yue

  With the blind box wind blowing in all walks of life, "everything can be blind box" once became a buzzword.

Some media even summed up the "blind box economy" as one of China's economic buzzwords in 2021.

In fact, "everything is a blind box" is a false proposition.

  There is a market demand for blind box consumption, so its existence is reasonable.

For example, many museums have launched an archaeological blind box, introducing the dynamic experience of "archaeological excavation" into the blind box. The innovative form attracts consumers to familiarize themselves with cultural and creative products and satisfies consumers' curiosity about archaeology.

  But more blind-box marketing in the market has gone astray.

For example, some businesses take advantage of young people's desire to get rid of singles or expand their friendship circles, targeting the marriage and dating market, and selling "single-free blind boxes".

This type of blind box is sold both online and offline, and the gameplay is roughly similar. Consumers can spend a few yuan to randomly obtain the contact information of a stranger, or leave their own contact information to be drawn by "destined people".

However, some consumers who participated in the "getting out of the single-blind box" said that the probability of obtaining false personal information is extremely high, and even consumers' personal information was leaked, and after leaving their contact information, there was a continuous flow of information. Commercial promotion, and even receive fraudulent information.

  As a product marketing method, blind box is indeed a business opportunity for merchants, but not all products are suitable for the "blind" attribute of blind box.

Blind box marketing cannot rely solely on the emotional value given by dismantling the blind box as support, but should pay more attention to the connotation of products to meet people's spiritual needs.

From the popularity of "archaeological blind boxes", it can be seen that products with excellent content can continue to provide consumers with surprises and satisfaction.

  In the final analysis, blind boxes still sell products. Merchants should work more on product creativity, design and quality to sublimate the IP connotation of blind boxes, so as to retain surprises and keep the bottom line, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of blind box economy.

  In addition, due to the invisibility and randomness of products when selling blind boxes, it is easy to produce false propaganda and excessive marketing. This requires the regulatory authorities to improve relevant systems and rules as soon as possible, crack down on untrustworthy behaviors, and regulate the development of the blind box market.