China News Service, Nanning, January 8 (Huang Lingyan) The Guangxi Forestry Department introduced on the 8th that in 2021, Guangxi's wood-based panel production will reach 51 million cubic meters, making it the largest wood-based panel production base in the country.

  Guangxi's timber output is 36 million cubic meters, ranking first in the country for many years.

Guangxi took the lead in cooperating with the China Development Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank of China to promote the pilot construction of the national reserve forest base. Up to now, the cumulative use of various types of investment has exceeded 15 billion yuan to build more than 10 million mu of national reserve forest, laying a solid foundation for the wood processing industry.

  The wood-based panel industry is the core industry of wood processing in Guangxi.

In recent years, Guangxi's wood-based panel industry has accelerated structural adjustment, continuously eliminated outdated production capacity, and gradually increased green products.

At present, the plywood, fiberboard, and particleboard industry of Guangxi's wood-based panel industry all have considerable production capacity.

  Guangxi effectively connects wood-based panel processing and high-quality timber imports, and actively undertakes industrial transfer in the eastern region.

The local area makes full use of land ports, Beibu Gulf international gateway ports, Xijiang inland river ports, China-Europe freight trains, etc., actively develops connections with timber export markets such as America, Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia, expands high-quality timber import trade channels, and increases the types of high-quality timber imports. and quantity, and establish an industrial belt of imported wood processing along the coast of Guangxi.

  High-end green home furnishing is one of the nine major industrial clusters built during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period in Guangxi.

The forestry department takes the initiative to build a chain, extend the chain, supplement the chain and strengthen the chain, coordinate the supply of raw materials, sheet metal processing, furniture manufacturing, park construction, etc., and promote the integrated development of wood processing "forest and board homes".

In 2021, the output of Guangxi furniture and home furnishing is expected to exceed 25 million sets, a year-on-year increase of 23.7%.