China News Service, Shenzhen, January 6 (Zhu Zuying) The People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Center Branch announced on the 6th that in 2021, Shenzhen’s cross-border RMB settlement volume reached 3.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.6%, accounting for Shenzhen The city’s total cross-border receipts and payments in domestic and foreign currencies accounted for 47.8%.

  The relevant person in charge of the bank said that during the investigation, it was found that the export cross-border e-commerce business has pain points such as long collection links and high collection fees.

In response to this situation, Shenzhen regional banks opened the "export cross-border e-commerce through train" business, stripped domestic third-party payment channels, and directly provided cross-border RMB facilitation collection services for export e-commerce, and realized centralized collection and centralized review of domestic banks , Centralized declaration, shorten the collection link, and solve the difficult and expensive collection of export e-commerce.

  As of the end of 2021, Shenzhen regional banks have handled a total of 173.5 billion yuan in "export cross-border e-commerce through trains" business, saving a total of about 260 million yuan in handling fees for export e-commerce and benefiting 37,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

  The person in charge stated that with regard to the development of higher-level trade and investment cross-border RMB settlement facilitation pilot projects, as the scale of trade and investment continues to expand, transaction entities continue to increase, and transaction methods become increasingly complex, market entities have a strong demand for cross-border RMB settlement facilitation , Cross-border renminbi business processing of enterprises changed from pre-review to post-checking, business information was reduced from a stack of documents to a piece of paper, and the average processing time for each business was shortened from 30 minutes to 40 minutes to 10 minutes.

  As of the end of 2021, Shenzhen regional banks have handled a total of 130.2 billion yuan in pilot businesses for facilitation of trade and investment cross-border RMB settlement, benefiting 572 entity companies.

  In addition, as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area "Cross-border Financial Link" business pilots are implemented, as of the end of 2021, 20 pilot banks in Shenzhen have opened a total of 7453 "Cross-Border Financial Link" business-related accounts, with a total cross-border receipt and payment amount of 1.9 100 million yuan, and the transaction volume of investment products in the north-south direction is nearly 100 million yuan.