The Spring Festival Transport in 2022 will start on January 17 and end on February 25, a total of 40 days.

According to the 15-day pre-sale period of train tickets, train tickets for the first day of the Spring Festival travel in 2022 will be on sale on January 3.

Passengers can purchase tickets through the official website of the 12306 railway, the 12306 mobile phone client, and the ticket booking telephone (95105105).

  The reporter learned from the railway department that according to past travel patterns, train tickets for the 3 days before the Spring Festival are the most sought-after.

There is no New Year’s Eve this year, and New Year’s Eve is the 29th of the twelfth lunar month, which is January 31.

According to the arrangement of the 15-day pre-sale period of train tickets, train tickets on January 29 (the 27th of the twelfth lunar month) can be purchased on January 15 and train tickets on January 30 (the twenty-eighth of the twelfth lunar month) on January 16 , January 17th is the first day of the Spring Festival Transport, you can buy train tickets on January 31st (New Year's Eve).

  According to the holiday arrangement, the Spring Festival holiday this year will be from January 31 to February 6, a total of 7 days.

Passengers can purchase return train tickets on February 6th (the sixth day of the first month) on January 23.

On February 11th, you can buy train tickets for the last day of the Spring Festival travel on February 25th.

  It is understood that at present, the sale time of train tickets for the 6 major railway stations in Beijing is different, from Beijing West Railway Station at 8 o'clock; Beijing Railway Station and Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station from 10 o'clock; Beijing North Railway Station from 12 o'clock; Beijing South Railway Station at 12:30 Sold separately; Qinghe Station starts at 16:00.

  The Beijing railway department reminded that at present, when leaving Beijing, Beijing railway stations strictly implement the temperature measurement system for passengers entering and leaving the station, and do a good job in temperature measurement.

At the entrance of the station, 100% Beijing Jianbao health code inspection will be carried out for passengers on the train.

For people who are offline, such as the elderly, children, etc., the staff uses the "Others' Health Code Query" function to help inquiries.

Entering (returning) to Beijing, taking a train to enter Beijing requires a 48-hour "remote inspection" with a negative nucleic acid certificate and holding the green code of "Beijing Healthbao" before entering (returning) to Beijing.

  The railway department also reminded that in order to properly prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic and facilitate passengers to receive train operation change information in a timely manner, passengers need to reserve their own mobile phone numbers when purchasing train tickets and pass the system verification.

At present, in addition to the 12306 website and the 12306 mobile client terminal that can perform mobile phone number reservation registration when purchasing tickets, mobile phone number reservation registration can also be performed on the self-service ticket vending machine at the railway station.