Consumption changes life, consumption builds dream future.

In the coming 2021, there will be laughter and tears in the consumer market, and there will be gains and hardships.

This year, vividly telling stories about people's consumption.

  2021 is already drifting away.

As the years change, the story of Chinese consumption is endless.

  This year, the country's tide is growing.

In the "Double 11" shopping festival that just passed, Anta counterattacked, and the total turnover ranked first in the Tmall platform sports outdoor footwear and maternal and baby footwear industries.

UBRAS once again broke the "monopoly" of Uniqlo for many years and won the top position in underwear turnover.

Beauty brands such as Winona, Proya, Quadi, Huaxizi, Pechoin have outstanding performance, occupying the forefront of the lists of different e-commerce platforms...

  It is not accidental that the domestic brands have achieved outstanding results.

China's complete industrial categories and mature industrial clusters not only drive global industrial growth, but also lead domestic brands to venture into the world.

The rise of domestic products is not only a business experience, but also an expression of cultural self-confidence and self-improvement.

When domestic brands who are willing to make real efforts in product innovation, bravely "overtaking on a curve", and when white-collar workers in first-tier cities and young people in small towns form a large market for mass consumption and overall upgrade of brand consumption, the national trend that reflects local cultural elements conforms to the trend The growth trend of cultural consumer demand has come at the right time for all changes.

  This year, consumption upgrades are surging.

"Enhancing the fundamental role of consumption in economic development, conforming to the trend of consumption upgrades, enhancing traditional consumption, fostering new types of consumption, and appropriately increasing public consumption", the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline indicates the direction of comprehensive consumption promotion.

Once upon a time, daily necessities such as rice cookers, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, cold medicines, diapers, and cosmetics have become the targets of Chinese people buying overseas. However, the domestic consumer market has a surplus of low-end products, insufficient high-end products, and the production system does not match consumer demand.

  How to keep up with the pace of the times, stay in touch with economic development, and satisfy the people's yearning for a better life?

Only by improving quality and building brands can China's manufacturing meet the consumer demand of individualization, differentiation and quality.

Accelerating consumption upgrading and quality improvement requires all social and economic conditions to be natural, and the coordination of soft and hard environments is required.

Only by facing up to the troubles in the growth of the consumer market can we clearly outline the future development direction.

In the past year, Chinese companies have strengthened new business models and new business models such as smart retail, community group buying, live delivery of goods, and shared services. Chinese cities have lighted up the night economy, empowered the culture of key neighborhoods, and made convenient stores and late-night canteens convenient for the people. Visitors, museums, libraries, and bookstores have been renewed.

Embracing the people affectionately and cultivating the fertile soil of life, China's consumption is reaching the mid-range, and more consumption formats will move towards innovation and innovation.

  This year, the "Generation Z" and "Silver Economy" came to the center of the stage from both ends of the consumer.

Young people look at consumption from a new perspective, willing to pay for the experience and consume for "resonance", and the elderly accept consumption with the concept of catching up, are willing to pay for services, and delight themselves for "convenience". Inheritance and innovation have become common among different generations. Expression of consumption.

  The national strategy and the lives of the people are at the same frequency, and the development of the country is in harmony with the expectations of the people. China's consumption has condensed the growing potential and released the endless enthusiasm.

After decades of continuous striving for reform and opening up, we have laid a solid foundation and entered the blue ocean of development. We have enough capacity to allow hundreds of millions of people to share the fruits of economic development. What everyone can vividly feel is the quality of consumption. upgrade.

(Source: Economic Daily Author: Ao Rong)