China Singapore Finance, December 29. According to the official website of the People’s Bank of China, in order to improve the market liquidity of bank perpetual bonds, support banks to issue perpetual bonds to replenish capital, and enhance the ability of financial services to serve the real economy, the People’s Bank of China in 2021 The Central Bank Bill Swap (CBS) operation was carried out on December 29, with an operation volume of 5 billion yuan, a term of 3 months, and a fee rate of 0.10%.

  The news pointed out that this operation is open to public bidding for primary dealers in the open market business. The winning bidders include large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock banks, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, securities companies and other financial institutions.

The swap-in bonds include both perpetual bonds issued by large state-owned commercial banks and joint-stock banks, as well as perpetual bonds issued by city commercial banks, reflecting the support for small and medium banks to issue perpetual bonds to supplement capital.

  The People's Bank of China will comprehensively consider market conditions and reasonable needs, and adopt a market-oriented approach to carry out CBS operations steadily and prudently.