China News Service, Nanchang, December 28 (Reporter Li Yunhan) On the 28th, the reporter learned from a press conference that Jiangxi recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Maintaining the Labor Security Rights and Interests of Workers in New Employment Forms" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"). ), taking multiple measures to protect the rights and interests of new employment forms such as "takeaway riders".

  In recent years, with the advancement of mobile Internet technology and the widespread use of information technology, the new business platform economy has developed rapidly, and various new employment forms different from the traditional formal employment models have emerged, and they have become an important channel for laborers to increase their employment and income.

  Liu Keqi, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, said that the new employment pattern has created a large number of jobs, increased employment opportunities for different social groups, and also created flexible employment opportunities. The number of new employment forms such as truck drivers and Internet marketers has increased significantly.

  Liu Keqi pointed out that due to the relative flexibility of the platform’s employment forms and new employment forms, the employment methods of workers are relatively flexible, the main body composition and relationship of enterprise employment are complicated, and the employment forms and distribution methods of enterprises are diversified. It is difficult for a large number of new employment forms workers to directly confirm labor relations with enterprises. , It is difficult to simply incorporate my country’s current labor law adjustments, and its rights protection is facing new situations and new problems.

  The "Implementation Opinions" require enterprises to employ labor in accordance with laws and regulations, actively perform their employment responsibilities, and assume corresponding responsibilities for the protection of the rights and interests of new employment forms that meet the conditions for establishing labor relations, but do not fully meet the conditions for establishing labor relations, but the enterprise conducts labor management for employees.

  Regarding the registration of takeaway riders as individual industrial and commercial households, the "Implementation Opinions" clearly stipulates that platform companies are strictly prohibited from inducing or forcing workers to register as individual industrial and commercial households in any form in order to avoid employment responsibilities.

  In addition, the "Implementation Opinions" focus on the outstanding issues facing the protection of workers' rights and interests in new forms of employment, and improve the new forms of employment that meet the conditions of establishing labor relations, but do not fully conform to the conditions of establishing labor relations. Fair employment, labor compensation, rest, and labor safety for workers , Social insurance and other aspects of the system.

Among them, it is clear to carry out the pilot work of occupational injury protection in Jingdezhen City.

  The "Implementation Opinions" proposed to promote the industry to clarify the labor quota standards, and scientifically determine the workload and labor intensity of laborers.

Guide and urge enterprises to reasonably determine rest measures in accordance with regulations based on the characteristics of the industry, consumer demand and labor rights.

Implement a rest and vacation system for workers, and pay reasonable remuneration higher than normal working hours on legal holidays.

  At the same time, the "Implementation Opinions" require transportation departments at all levels to promote the process of online car-hailing compliance, apply for permits for qualified platform companies, vehicles and drivers, implement relevant requirements for the background verification of online car-hailing drivers, and crack down on illegality. Operational behavior to create a fair and competitive market environment.

It is necessary to continuously improve the complaint mechanism, urge online car-hailing and online freight platform companies to establish and improve labor complaint mechanisms, strengthen the management of labor cooperation units, and effectively protect the rights and interests of laborers in new forms of employment.