In response to the spread of the new corona infection, life insurance industry groups are required to provide more detailed customer support than ever before, and the idea of ​​supporting the bereaved family who lost a close person is called "Grief Care". We are calling on each company to incorporate.

"Grief care" is to support the bereaved family who lost a close person, and the movement to adopt it is spreading among medical institutions and companies mainly in Europe and the United States.

The Life Insurance Association of Japan has created a handbook on grief care, saying that more detailed customer support is required in response to the spread of the new corona infection.

Among them, it should be noted that the feelings of a person close to you when you come into contact with the death vary from person to person, such as anxiety, anger, and loneliness, as well as sadness, and even words of encouragement may hurt the other person. Introducing the cases that should be done.

In addition, some bereaved families may have a temporary decline in memory and concentration, so during the procedure, draw a line at the key points, avoid technical terms, and convey them slowly and repeatedly. It is said that consideration is required.

Yukinori Takada, Chairman of The Life Insurance Association of Japan, said, "As online communication progresses, there is also the issue that communication with users tends to be dry. It is important to be close to people because of the digital age, and we want to spread it throughout the industry." I am.