Chinanews, Hefei, December 25 (Reporter Zhang Jun) The 4th International Intelligent Voice and Artificial Intelligence Product Innovation Competition ended on the 24th in Hefei, Anhui.

  Since the 4th International Intelligent Voice and Artificial Intelligence Product Innovation Competition was launched, more than 200 entries have been registered.

The participating projects are from the United States, Belgium, France, Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Hainan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. The projects involve more than ten detailed fields such as industry, education, medical care, and the environment. Cloud computing and other angles are integrated with artificial intelligence to realize product development and application.

An award ceremony was held on the spot. A total of 20 projects were awarded. Representatives of the winning companies signed a contract with China Shenggu.

  Cao Jinde, chief professor of Southeast University, academician of the European Academy of Sciences, and academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, said in a speech that many of the finalist projects, from technology realization to plan implementation, are polished layer by layer, and they have design innovation, AI technology innovation, and business innovation. It has broad market application prospects, showing the huge energy released by artificial intelligence in the extensive integration with other disciplines.

Representatives of award-winning companies signed a contract to settle in China Sound Valley.

Photo by Zhang Jun

  Cao Jinde said that artificial intelligence and the cross-integration innovation of various industries must have an active awareness of cross-integration on the technical and industry sides, so that artificial intelligence application innovation has practical commercial and social value.

At the same time, the ethics, ethics and other social value categories brought by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are also worthy of attention. It is necessary to accelerate the improvement of artificial intelligence ecosystem construction, build a complete artificial intelligence industry ecosystem, and better promote the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. healthy growth.

  China Sound Valley is China's first national industrial base positioned in the field of artificial intelligence.

In recent years, in order to further accelerate the research and development and industrialization of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence, and promote the communication and implementation of innovative entrepreneurs in the field of intelligent voice and artificial intelligence, China Sound Valley has promoted research, production, and promotion through competitions. Speed ​​up the construction of China Sound Valley by means of competition to promote cooperation.

  This competition is guided by the Office of the Leading Group for the Joint Promotion of the Development of Anhui Intelligent Voice Industry by the Ministry and Provinces, and undertaken by Anhui Information Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.