While maintaining a distribution network is an issue in depopulated areas, Japan Post conducted a demonstration experiment in Okutama-cho, Tokyo, to deliver packages by combining a drone and a robot running on the ground.

The demonstration experiment was conducted by Japan Post to explore issues for the realization of unmanned delivery by combining drones and robots.

The drone first took off from the base in Okutama-cho with luggage, and when it arrived at the relay point about 2 km away, it separated the luggage from a height of about 3 meters and handed it over to the automatic traveling robot waiting on the ground. rice field.

The robot then automatically traveled about 200 meters and placed the package in front of the destination house to complete the delivery.

In the logistics industry, the shortage of delivery staff in the section closest to the destination, which is called the "last mile" in depopulated areas in the mountains, is an issue.

Under these circumstances, Japan Post says that by combining drones and robots on the ground, it will be possible to deliver with a smaller number of people, and we will continue experiments for practical use in the future.

Shinya Koike, Managing Executive Officer of Japan Post, said, "Amid many social issues such as population decline, it is important to use cutting-edge technology without relying on human resources. We would like to deepen our efforts toward practical application."