Can playing meta universe blockchain games "lay down and make money"?

  Insiders: Be wary of hidden Ponzi schemes in the game

  When people still can’t figure out what Metaverse is, some blockchain games have been equipped with the concept of Metaverse to re-harvest users.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that the "Meta Universe Blockchain Game" (hereinafter referred to as "Chain Game") was promoted by some businesses as a game that can be "really profitable", and the monthly revenue even reached 100%.

According to industry insiders, this type of game not only hides a Ponzi scheme, but because it uses virtual currency for settlement, it may already be suspected of illegal fund-raising or financial fraud.

  Game and money making hook

  Catch up with the concept of meta universe

  "Chain Tour" claims to be able to "lie down and earn"

  Recently, Meta Universe has invaded like a strong tornado, not only sweeping the entire science and technology circle, but also deeply affecting the capital market.

Some game companies have relied on the concept of Meta Universe to increase their share prices.

  As far as the current situation is concerned, the game can be said to be a prototype of the meta-universe, and the meta-universe has also brought more innovation and surprises to the content creation of the game, just like the movie "Number One Player", which can greatly satisfy the user experience. , Major factories have also deployed the concept of meta universe.

  When many people have not yet figured out what "meta universe" is, a type of "chain game" that claims to be able to "really earn" has entered the public's field of vision, and there are many promotions on the Internet that promote wealth by playing such games. And instructional videos, including straightforward slogans such as "recovery in 3 days", "earning 70,000 per day", "customers have doubled their assets", "compulsory rich new method" and other straightforward slogans, so that games and money can be linked Off the hook.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily noted that most of these "chain games" servers are overseas. Many forums and social media have teaching and software on how such "chain games" can be played in China, and some people specially play them on behalf of others. The game becomes a business.

There are also "intermediaries" that claim to be able to help clients take care of funds and play games on their behalf, packaging themselves as "Meta Universe Investment Teachers", and their circle of friends is often a successful case of "investing on behalf of others".

Some people claimed to have invested 300,000 yuan and made 140,000 in two weeks, and some even claimed that their monthly investment income could reach 100%.

  Of course, these "benefits" are not in vain.

Take the game of "Farmer XX" as an example. The intermediary must first charge a service fee of 6,000 yuan to open an account for the user, and then the user must pay the counterparty to assist in the exchange of virtual currency for the purchase of game currency.

In addition, the intermediary will charge 20% of the revenue generated by the game.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily noted that the so-called meta-universe chain game games are mostly web-based games, just like ordinary games. Many structures are like the early classic simulation business game "Virtual Life".

The game operation is also simple. If you press the intermediary, it is "purchase related tools". Click the button to place the game for a period of time, and you can get "revenue".

  Claimed controllable income

  Issue virtual currency under the name of the game

  Suspected of illegal fundraising and financial fraud

  Can this game really make money?

In an interview with the media, Ms. Zhang from Zhejiang said that she once played a blockchain game called "Lucky Stone Zodiac", claiming to invest 5,000 yuan, with 12% gains in 6 days.

She couldn't log in after playing the game for 4 months, and she lost everything.

Mr. Mo from Jiangsu is a player of the blockchain pet development game "Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang". After only playing for 3 days, the platform shut down. He was deceived by more than 5,000 yuan.

  In fact, the construction of this type of game is not complicated.

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily contacted a game construction company in Hebei as a buyer. The other party said that there are many templates for "chain games", and some can directly "imitate" the current hot overseas "chain games".

The opposing party sent a "Chain Game" that has already been equipped with a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily. The game has only a few simple pages for drawing cards, collecting characters, and playing against each other.

The construction of such a "chain game" costs from 100,000 yuan to hundreds of thousands yuan.

The game construction company stated that the game can set up additional issuance of game currency in the background, and change the exchange ratio of virtual currency and game currency in real time, "that is, it can control revenue."

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily noted that not only the game data itself can be "falsified", some so-called meta universe game development companies "issue" their own virtual currency in the name of the game.

  Previously, a virtual currency called "ME" in Shanghai was exposed.

The issuing company said that the future Meta Universe will use it as currency.

The company claims that the number of "ME" coins is limited, and only 21 million are issued globally. If it is invested now, it can be increased by 18 times in 40 days.

However, the People's Bank of China issued an announcement as early as 2017 that the so-called virtual currency is essentially an unauthorized and illegal public financing, which is suspected of illegal fund-raising and financial fraud.

  Players are at risk

  Some "chain games" are suspected of Ponzi scheme

  May lose everything overnight

  A person engaged in blockchain research said that at present, the logic of making money in chain games is very simple: users convert real currencies into designated virtual currencies, and then use virtual currencies to buy game coins issued by the game, and use game coins to buy games Equipment, land, etc.

Game companies use data to increase the value of props or items in the game, and then the players in the game buy and sell each other to form value-added.

  The person said that for users, there are two major risks. The most obvious one is that they don’t know whether the game company really binds a certain subject matter, or "NFT" (non-fungible token), and relies on The data formed by the subject matter is value-added.

"Simply put, it's like you thought you bought a piece of jade that could appreciate in value, but in the end you found that what you bought was actually a piece of glass." Therefore, some chain games are like Ponzi schemes, using the money invested by latecomers to the people in front. To make up for the profits, the game company has made almost the same profit, so it will run away.

  Even if the game company does bind a certain subject matter, there are still many links that will cause problems. For example, the game currency issued by the game company or the virtual currency itself must only rise or not?

  "Chain Game" players need to buy "Ethereum", "AXS", "WAXP" and other virtual currencies to purchase expensive items in order to make money through the game.

Previously, Dogecoin had a 1000-fold increase overnight, but it was because of Musk’s tweet that it fell directly to the altar, and then this virtual currency rose or fell following Musk’s remarks, which was extremely unstable.

In addition, virtual currency does not have a legal status in my country, and it is difficult to protect rights when problems arise.

  Not only that, many "chain games" servers are located overseas, and some countries have also increased their crackdown on these games.

Some games may not be able to log in overnight, and investors simply lose their money.

  Text/Reporter Zhang Xin Co-ordinated/Yu Meiying