Chinanews client, Beijing, December 20th (Zuo Yukun) 1.341 billion yuan, 655531 million yuan, 27.672 million yuan... these many people can't even reach the amount of income in their lives, which is only the tax evasion of the national tax authority. The amount of tax recovery and tax evasion fines carried out by Internet celebrities.

  On the 20th, the live broadcast of the "first sister" Wei Ya was fined for tax evasion, which once again aroused public attention to Internet celebrities' tax evasion.

Why is it bad for them who are making a lot of money to repeatedly "tax"?

Image source: Weibo @薇娅viyaaa

Anchor Wei Ya was chased for tax evasion and fined 1.341 billion yuan

  The State Administration of Taxation Hangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau website reported on the 20th that recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Taxation Department of Zhejiang Province found out that the web anchor Huang Wei (Net name: Wei Ya) was suspected of tax evasion through taxation big data analysis. With the cooperation and cooperation of relevant tax authorities, A comprehensive and in-depth tax inspection was carried out in accordance with the law.

  According to investigations, between 2019 and 2020, Wei Ya evaded 643 million yuan in taxes by concealing personal income, fictitious business conversion to false declarations of the nature of income, etc., and underpaid taxes by 60 million yuan.

The Inspection Bureau of the Hangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau imposed a fine of 1.341 billion yuan on Wei Ya's recovery of taxes, additional late fees and fines.

  The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Taxation Bureau stated that the taxation department will continue to strengthen the tax supervision of practitioners in the online live broadcast industry, and conduct joint inspections of related brokerage companies and brokers, online platform companies, and intermediary agencies that assist in tax evasion. Seriously investigate and deal with tax-related violations, effectively improve compliance with tax laws, and create a fair tax environment under the rule of law.

  Taobao live broadcast data shows that on the first day of this year's "Double 11" pre-sale, Wei Ya's live broadcast room sales were 8.25 billion yuan.

In 2021, Wei Ya and his wife will be on the "New Fortune 500 Rich List" for the first time with 9 billion yuan.

The screenshot is from the Wei Ya Taobao live broadcast room.

Anchor Sydney and Lin Shanshan were severely punished for tax evasion

  In the "2021 Tmall 618 Taobao live broadcast anchor list" TOP3, except for Wei Ya who has just been fined, the anchor Sydney is ranked third.

On the first day of this year's "Double 11" pre-sale, Sydney won the third place on the Tao series anchors and goods list with a score of 930 million.

  At that time, Sydney was not satisfied with being the third place, and also released a ruthless statement on her fan festival talk show: "If you can't get the first place in the future, please don't praise me!"

  The career has not gone any further, and Sydney is waiting first for a ticket.

  According to a report from the Zhejiang Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation on November 22, the Inspection Bureau of the Hangzhou Taxation Bureau suspected of tax evasion against two network anchors Zhu Chenhui (Weibo ID: Sydney Cherie) and Lin Shanshan (Weibo ID: 林珊珊_Sunny) The issue of the paragraph was investigated and dealt with.

Zhu Chenhui was required to collect taxes, charge late fees, and plan to impose a double fine of 65,553,100 yuan, and Lin Shanshan to collect taxes, additional late fees, and plan to impose a double fine of 27,672,500 yuan.

  That night, Sydney and Lin Shanshan both issued apology letters, saying that they fully accepted the final processing decision of the taxation authority, will promptly pay taxes and fines, and suspend the live broadcast.

  But the turmoil did not end with these two apology letters.

On December 9th, the Weibo account of more than 15 million fans in Sydney was blocked. Lin Shanshan’s Weibo account also displayed "unavailable". Then his Douyin and Xiaohongshu accounts were blocked, and finally the Taobao store in the base camp was also shut down. All products in the store are removed from the shelves.

  From "Double 11" to "Double 12", the two anchors who were still fascinating a month ago have disappeared in "Double 12", the last important e-commerce festival of this year.

On December 15, the Cyberspace Administration of China supervised the handling of illegal and illegal head accounts. "Sydney Cherie" and "Lin Shanshan_Sunny" were listed.

The screenshot is from the official website of Chenfan Company.

In the Internet celebrity circle, tax evasion is "the hardest hit area"?

  The large numbers one after another attracted many netizens to lament, "At one time they suspected that they were not using the same currency as us."

But in fact, the Internet celebrity circle has increasingly become the hardest hit area for tax evasion.

  According to the Zhengzhou Daily News on October 11, the Taxation Bureau of Jinshui District of Zhengzhou City used big data to automatically extract data from the information system, strengthened the tax collection and management of practitioners in the entertainment field, and pursued a net celebrity's tax revenue of 6,624,400 yuan into the national treasury.

  As early as March 2017, the Local Taxation Bureau of Chaoyang District of Beijing disclosed an incident of tax evasion by an anchor. A live broadcast platform paid 390 million yuan to live broadcasters in 2016, but the individual income tax was not withheld and paid in accordance with the regulations. The tax amount is more than 60 million yuan, which is considered to be the first time that the public has noticed the tax problem of this emerging format of live broadcasting.

  In the “Sydney Lin Shanshan” incident, the Hangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau stated that the taxation department, through taxation big data analysis, also found that other individual network anchors did not conduct self-examination and self-correction in the comprehensive tax management of the entertainment field. There were suspected tax evasion behaviors. Taxation authorities conduct inspections in accordance with the law.

  The state's tax supervision on celebrity internet celebrities is becoming stricter.

On September 18, the State Administration of Taxation issued a document proposing to further strengthen the daily tax management of practitioners in the cultural and entertainment field. For individual studios and enterprises established by celebrities and web anchors, they should be guided to establish an accounting system in accordance with laws and regulations, and use the method of auditing and collecting. Pay taxes.

  The taxation department kept making moves and gave the webcasters a serious rule of law lesson. The fast-growing webcast industry will not become an extra-legal place, or a “grey area” and blind spot for taxation.