China News Service, Wuhan, December 18 (Liang Tingqiu Jianshan) According to statistics, Hubei has more than 200 artificial intelligence-related enterprises in 2021, the scale of artificial intelligence core industries exceeds 10 billion yuan, and the scale of related industries exceeds 100 billion yuan.

The 2021 East Lake International Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum was held in Wuhan on the 18th, and the reporter was informed of the above news.

  This forum was hosted by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, with the theme of "intelligence leading, innovating the future".

Well-known academicians and experts of artificial intelligence and representatives of well-known artificial intelligence entrepreneurs at home and abroad attended the meeting to discuss new trends and challenges in the development of artificial intelligence.

2021 East Lake International Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum is held in Wuhan. Photo by Qiu Jianshan

  This summit forum set up keynote speeches, round-table discussions, industry matchmaking meetings, etc. At the same time, many scientific research institutes, universities, and enterprises were invited to release artificial intelligence industry achievements, intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, intelligent inspections and other artificial intelligence application scenarios during the forum. .

In the meantime, Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Ecological Innovation Center, Intelligent Remote Sensing Open Source Ecological Alliance, Multi-modal Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance, Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, etc. were formally established.

The Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology released the "2021 Hubei Artificial Intelligence Major Innovation Achievements (Scenarios)".

  At the forum, a signing ceremony for Hubei's key artificial intelligence projects was also held.

Among them, the Science and Technology Bureau of Xiangyang and Huangshi and Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center signed a strategic cooperation; Wuhan General Phase II Welding Digital Factory, Optics Valley Digital Economy (Artificial Intelligence) Industrial Park and other major projects held a signing ceremony.

  It is reported that in 2020, Wuhan will be listed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as a national new-generation artificial intelligence innovation and development experimental zone, and it will take the lead in launching the construction of an artificial intelligence computing center.

  In recent years, the scale of Hubei's artificial intelligence industry cluster has continued to grow, and a number of characteristic industrial fields such as semantic recognition, machine vision, unmanned driving, and intelligent robots have been formed.

An industrial layout with Wuhan as the research and development leader and demonstration applications in Xiangyang, Yichang and other places has been initially formed.

  The Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology has formulated and issued the "Working Plan for Promoting the Development of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation", striving to achieve multiple breakthroughs in key core technologies of artificial intelligence in Hubei Province through five years of hard work and obtain a number of landmark scientific research results.

At the same time, the Wuhan pilot zone will play its role as a radiator, cultivate more than 100 influential artificial intelligence high-tech enterprises in the province, and construct about 100 technological innovation demonstration projects. The artificial intelligence core industry scale exceeds 60 billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries. Reached 600 billion yuan.