Mizuho Bank established a new organization in response to the order from the Ministry of Finance to take corrective measures, saying that money laundering = money laundering measures were insufficiently confirmed over the system failure in September. We submitted a report that included measures to prevent recurrence, such as strengthening management's involvement in anti-money laundering measures.

In September, when Mizuho Bank failed in its foreign exchange trading system, it was insufficient to confirm whether the remittance destination was related to terrorist organizations or money laundering = money laundering. Last month, the Ministry of Finance ordered Mizuho Bank to take corrective action under the Foreign Exchange Law.

In response to this, Mizuho submitted a report to the Ministry of Finance on the 17th, including measures to prevent recurrence.

Specifically, in order to raise awareness of laws and risks related to foreign exchange transactions, we will conduct training for all officers and employees, establish a new organization, and strengthen management's involvement in measures against maneron. It is said that.

In addition, we will check the status of recurrence prevention efforts with the advice of outside experts.

Mizuho has been ordered by the Financial Services Agency to improve operations over a series of system failures, and is required to submit an improvement plan that includes measures to prevent recurrence by next month.