China News Service, Hefei, December 15 (Reporter Zhang Qiang) Sun Yanhui, chief engineer of the Anhui Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, introduced on the 15th that in order to promote the safe use of key construction land for residential, public management and public services, and prevent illegal and illegal development, The Department of Ecology and Environment of Anhui Province has developed the "Remote Sensing Supervision System for Key Construction Land" and implemented "a map" management on the province's key construction land parcels.

  The "Key Construction Land Remote Sensing Supervision System" uses satellite remote sensing, GIS and other information technology to embed reminders, early warnings, and verification modules to build a closed-loop supervision system for problem discovery and resolution of the "integrated world", effectively guaranteeing the safe use of key construction land.

The eco-environmental departments and natural resource planning departments of Anhui Province, city, and county have achieved system sharing.

  At the same time, the system expands the on-site verification "command and dispatch system", which can carry out remote command and dispatch as needed.

The mobile phone APP of the system can realize operations such as location navigation, verification information recording, and verification result uploading.

  Sun Yanhui said that the objects of remote sensing supervision are mainly the following three types of plots: “General survey of soil pollution, detailed investigation and monitoring, and on-site inspections indicate that there is a risk of soil pollution for construction land as stipulated in the first paragraph of Article 59 of the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law. "Lands"; "Lands whose use has been changed to residential, public management and public service land ("two publics and one residence") as stipulated in the second paragraph of Article 59 of the "Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law"; The “Administrative Measures (Trial)” stipulates that “land used for non-ferrous metal smelting, petroleum processing, chemical industry, coking, electroplating, tanning and other industries, as well as hazardous waste storage, utilization, and disposal activities”.

  In the "National Soil Environmental Management System for Contaminated Plots", all 454 plots in Anhui Province have been included in the remote sensing supervision system, and the four-to-scope verification and background remote sensing monitoring have been completed.

At present, two rounds of remote sensing monitoring have been carried out for the plots that need key supervision, and the problem of irregular management of some plots has been rectified in time.

  It is understood that since 2019, the Anhui Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and the Provincial Department of Natural Resources have published and dynamically updated the "Anhui Provincial Construction Land Soil Pollution Risk Control and Remediation Directory". Currently, 10 issues have been dynamically updated, and a total of 47 plots have been included. .