While the issue is how to increase the number of charging stations for the spread of EV = electric vehicles, stands that can charge 6 cars at the same time will be installed in the parking area of ​​the capital expressway in Yokohama City. I did.

The new charging station was installed in the Daikoku parking area of ​​the Metropolitan Expressway in Yokohama City, and started operation on the 16th.

This stand is a fast charging type with high output, the wiring to connect to the car is divided into 6 and 6 EVs can be used at the same time.

According to the Metropolitan Expressway, only one charging station could be used in the past, but there were cases where it took a long time to charge and waited for a long time, and there was an opinion that it was "unusable".

Naoko Yotsuyanagi, president of "e-Mоbility Power," which installed a charging stand, said, "We would like to proceed with the installation in other parking areas so that we do not have to wait for charging."

Regarding EVs, major domestic manufacturers such as Toyota and Nissan have announced plans to accelerate development and sales one after another, but the issue is how to increase the number of charging stations, which are important infrastructure. increase.

The government has set a goal of quintupling the current amount by 2030, but in addition to increasing the number of installation locations, it is likely that technological innovation that enables efficient charging will also be required.