Sino-Singapore Jingwei, December 9th. On the 9th, the three major indexes opened with mixed ups and downs, and then oscillated and strengthened. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index continued to rise, and the ChiNext Index rebounded.

The liquor sector continued to be strong, and major financial-related sectors such as brokerages and banks strengthened.

  The Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.03% to 3675.04 points.

The Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.27% to 15,154.22 points.

The GEM index rose 0.95% to 3457.10 points.

  On the disk, the kitchen and bathroom appliances, MiniLED, household light industry and other sectors led the two markets.

Sodium-ion batteries, organic silicon concepts, and ST plates were among the top decliners.

The liquor sector continued to be strong. Major consumer sectors such as household appliances, medical beauty, beer, medicine and medical treatment followed the upward trend, and major financial-related sectors such as brokerages and banks strengthened, and sectors such as Mini LED, industrial host computers, and online travel were active.

  Up to now, the ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks is 2823:1643. The two stocks have a daily limit of 60 and a limit of 19.

  In terms of northbound funds, the morning net inflow of northbound funds exceeded 14.8 billion yuan, of which the inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect exceeded 7.2 billion yuan, and the inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect exceeded 7.6 billion yuan.

  In terms of individual stocks, the current daily limit shares are as follows: Sanan Optoelectronics (10.00%), Qiming Information (10.02%), Langzi shares (9.99%), Zheshang Securities (9.98%), Focus Media (10.01%).

  The limit-down shares are as follows: Anzhong shares (-9.98%).

  The top five stocks with turnover rate are: Guangdong Wannian Youth, Jialian Technology, Chunhui Intelligent Control, Zhenyang Development, and Sanyangma, which are respectively 50.386%, 46.455%, 45.182%, 42.186%, and 41.872%.

  Centaline Securities pointed out that whether the stock index can continue to rise in the future still needs strong support from policy and capital.

It is expected that the Shanghai stock index is likely to rise slightly in the short-term, and the ChiNext market is likely to fluctuate slightly in the short-term.

Investors are advised to pay close attention to investment opportunities in industries such as consumption, military auto parts, and energy metals in the short-term, and continue to pay attention to investment opportunities in low-value blue chip stocks.

(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

(The opinions in the article are for reference only and do not constitute investment advice. Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious when entering the market.)