China News Service, Beijing, December 9th (Reporter Du Yan) In 2022, the number of college graduates in Beijing is expected to reach 268,000, an increase of 16,000 over the previous year.

In order to ensure the smooth employment of college graduates, Beijing will broaden market-oriented employment channels, expand the entrepreneurial space for college graduates, deepen departmental linkage, school-local school-enterprise alliances, and promote fuller and higher-quality employment and entrepreneurship for Beijing college graduates.

  This is what the reporter learned from the 2022 Beijing College Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship Video Conference held today by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

  The meeting made arrangements for the employment of Beijing college graduates from six aspects:

  One is to strengthen the matching of supply and demand.

Focus on the analysis of talent market demand, market development direction, graduation intention of graduates, etc., and guide college students to rationally plan their personal careers.

Build a practical platform, increase job supply, take the initiative to contact 40 college graduates’ workplace experience bases, visit employers, and integrate demand information and job information.

  The second is to strengthen policy support.

Pack and use policies to support the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, release policy dividends, and use policies such as social security subsidies, fee reductions and tax reductions, and inclusive finance to help college graduates find employment.

  The third is to broaden employment channels.

Continuously strengthen the potential of jobs, and focus on the "six batches", that is, broaden the recruitment of public institutions, broaden the recruitment of state-owned enterprises, broaden the recruitment of grassroots projects, broaden the recruitment of the army, and expand the recruitment of employment and trainees. , Broaden entrepreneurship to drive a batch of employment.

At the same time, the recruitment of policy-related positions such as the "Special Post Program", "Three Supports and One Support", and "Western Program" has been well implemented.

  The fourth is to ensure assistance for difficulties.

For graduates in difficulty, a work ledger is established, and dynamic management of the "one policy for a lifetime" is implemented, and no less than 5 job information is recommended for each graduate.

By anchoring a goal, perfecting a ledger, and implementing a measure, 100% of the graduates from difficult families who are willing to find employment can be assisted.

  The fifth is to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

Give full play to the effect of policy integration, actively strive for social resources, continue to expand entrepreneurial space, combine entrepreneurial practice with professional education, enhance college students' innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, and support graduates' employment and entrepreneurship.

  Sixth, improve service efficiency.

Efforts will be made to improve real-name services, improve campus services, improve online recruitment services, and provide continuous and comprehensive employment services, so that college graduates can find jobs as soon as possible.