Sino-Singapore Jingwei, December 8th. On the 8th, the three major A-share indexes collectively opened higher, and the pumped storage sector led the rise.

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  The Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.22% to 3602.82 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.35% to 14,748.65 points, and the ChiNext Index rose 0.58% to 3,388.32 points. Pumped storage, China-Korea Free Trade Zone, and Industrial Metals led the two gains. In the city, EDR concept, real estate services, NFT concept and other sectors were among the top decliners.

  The ratio of all trading stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 2390:1287, with 13 stocks trading at a daily limit and 6 stocks trading at a daily limit.

  As of December 7, the margin of margin trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks was 1.84 trillion yuan.

The balance of financing on the day was 1.72 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.961 billion yuan from the previous trading day; the balance of securities lending that day was 117.753 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.382 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

  In terms of individual stocks, the daily limit shares during the call auction period are as follows: Dishengli (10.05%), Hunan Tianyan (9.95%), Xiyi Shares (10.03%), Qingdao Double Star (9.98%), and Silver Nonferrous (10.04%).

  The lower limit shares are as follows: Wanli shares (-9.98%), Anzhong shares (-9.98%).

  Guosheng Securities pointed out that the current index structure of the two cities is different, especially the continuous break of the GEM line, which is likely to have a greater impact on market confidence. The sector structure also enters the rhythm of high and low switching. The previously adjusted sector rebounded in rotation. The high-value and high-growth sector has undergone significant adjustments. The market style is in a phase of gradual switching. It is difficult to participate. It is necessary to do more cautiously. Focus on oversold sectors such as securities, insurance, and real estate that benefit from loose funding.

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