China News Service, Beijing, December 7 (Reporter Wang Enbo) The reporter learned from CNOOC on the 7th that China’s self-designed and built Asia’s first 300-meter deepwater jacket-CNOOC South China Sea East Lufeng 15-1 oilfield jacket The successful completion of the main structure closure in Zhuhai that day marked China's breakthrough in the design and construction of super-large offshore oil and gas platform jackets.

  The jacket is equivalent to the "foundation" of the offshore oil and gas platform. It is used to support the huge body and huge tonnage of the offshore platform. It is the most widely used offshore oil and gas development equipment in the world.

The total design height of the Lufeng 15-1 jacket is 302 meters, which is equivalent to a 110-story building and a total weight of 30,000 tons. The steel used can produce about 30,000 cars. The total number of welds exceeds 50,000. The total length of welds can be bypassed. There are more than 3 circles at the equator of the earth.

After completion, the jacket will be used in the regional development project of the Lufeng Oilfield Group. The peak annual output of the oilfield group is 1.85 million tons, which is of great strategic significance for serving the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and ensuring national energy security.

  Gao Shuang, general manager of the regional development project of Lufeng Oilfield Group, said that the average water depth of the sea area where the Lufeng 15-1 jacket is located is more than 280 meters.

At present, there are thousands of jacket platforms in various sea areas around the world, of which there are only 10 jacket platforms with an application depth of more than 280 meters.

  The Lufeng 15-1 jacket is located in a typhoon-prone area, with harsh sea conditions, huge wind waves and internal waves, and it is also facing world-class marine engineering problems such as large movable sand waves.

CNOOC innovatively proposed a 300-meter-class deepwater jacket design and construction plan, and conquered a series of key points such as the overall design of super large jackets, the combined hoisting of large-size, large-span, and large-tonnage structures with multiple cranes, and the size control of super-large structures Technical difficulties have filled a number of technical gaps in the design and construction of domestic super-large deep-water jackets.

  As the "national team" for the development of China's offshore oil and gas resources, CNOOC has built more than 300 jacket platforms, and the technical capabilities of fixed offshore oil and gas platforms have reached the world's advanced level.

According to the company, the application water depth of the Lufeng 15-1 jacket platform is up to 300 meters, which has changed the high investment mode of pure underwater development in the sea area. It has important strategic significance for the development of medium and deep water oil and gas in the South China Sea and can extend the life of the jacket. , Expansion of more space for adjustment wells, greatly improving oilfield recovery and production life.