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next month, if you have a marriage certificate or surgery confirmation, you will be able to get an additional credit loan of up to 100 million won from the bank. This is because the authorities decided to make an exception in cases of urgency as complaints arose here and there as the government tightened household loans.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports.


Currently, commercial banks are only lending credit within their annual income in accordance with the government policy.

However, from January next year, we have decided to increase this loan limit if it is recognized as an urgent use.

There are four cases of special limits recognized: marriage, childbirth, funeral, and surgery. An additional loan of 50% of annual income up to a maximum of KRW 100 million is provided.

For example, a person with an annual income of 60 million won can get a credit loan of up to 60 million won, but if they get married, they can borrow 30 million won more, 50% of their annual income.

However, no matter how high your annual income, you can only get a loan up to the upper limit of 100 million won.

When applying for a loan, documents such as marriage certificate and pregnancy confirmation must be presented. Marriage, childbirth and surgery are only accepted within 3 months of the date of application and death within 6 months.

[Bank Federation official: (next year) from January onwards, we are now promoting it by doing it first. I think we can come up with some details this week at the earliest and maybe announce it.] The

loan term is decided by the bank at its own discretion.

Since it is difficult to use this loan to buy a house, we plan to lend only in amortization method where the principal and interest are paid together.