Kevin Kühnert is a beacon of hope - at least for those who don't know what to do with the market economy.

From the former Juso boss and today's SPD vice-president comes the sentence that everyone should at most own the living space they live in.

The idea that private companies can - and must - earn money with apartments seems alien to him.

This obviously also applies to essential parts of the future traffic light coalition. You want to expand the regulation of the rental housing market. Efforts to tighten the rent cap just as much as the rent index and milieu protection are by no means off the table - instruments that stifle free pricing, to the detriment of urgently needed private investors and ultimately also the tenants, if they wait in vain for new apartments.

The FDP is setting an example here: The smallest coalition party has apparently prevented much stricter regulations on the rental market from flowing into the coalition agreements.

Kevin Kühnert, who negotiated housing policy for the SPD, accused the FDP in any case of not being able to achieve more in tenancy law.

Perhaps the FDP will succeed in setting market economy accents in housing policy: a sign of hope.