The social agreement to urgently process a new labor framework has registered significant progress today with a view to being approved with the consensus of employers and unions.

The Government has presented a proposal that removes the limits to the temporality raised so far and assumes the approach of the employers for the hiring of discontinuous permanent workers, one of the axes of the negotiation.

The fact that the Government has put on the table proposals presented by the employers to be negotiated with the union organizations is a gesture that had not occurred until now and that allows employers, in the absence of knowing the opinion of the affected sectors , consider it as a "good proposal", as indicated by sources of the negotiation.

On the other hand, the trade union organizations have been less optimistic, admitting that they have negotiated on these points but "with little progress."

The limits to temporary hiring raised in previous drafts had been rejected frontally by the employers, both in its initial version of 15% of the workforce for all companies and in its subsequent modification, in which limits were established based on the number of company workers.

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