The parliamentarian notes that today "the collective Western community gives us the opportunity to minimize the peg to the dollar and euro."

“Without a doubt, if sanctions are introduced, it will be difficult, because our economy is very much tied to foreign currencies.

But this stage will also be passed, because we all remember how we had to develop a strategy for the development of agriculture from scratch, ”Belik said.

He also added that Russia has no plans to show aggression against Ukraine.

“What Ukrainian politicians are doing today is a clot of Nazism, and it is clearly not worth starting global wars, but as for the possibility of introducing new sanctions, after a while we will remember this as an unpleasant episode in our millennial history ", - concluded the deputy.

Bloomberg, citing informed sources, previously reported that the United States and the European Union are considering the possibility of imposing sanctions aimed at complicating the conversion of rubles into dollars against Russian banks and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) in the event of a Russian "attack" on Ukraine.