China News Service, Lishui, December 6th (Shao Yanfei, Ruan Chunsheng, Cai Qin) listed in Gulin County and Xuyong County, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, China (Lishui) Liangshan College Branch, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province Ecological Product Value Reform Experts Visit Bao", a project to help realize the value of ecological products...

  In the past few days, Lishui City has successively transferred the exploratory experience of China's first ecological product value realization mechanism reform pilot to the east-west cooperation and pairing to help green development and common prosperity in the Wumeng mountainous area of ​​Sichuan.

  According to the central government's deployment of a new round of cooperation between the east and the west, in April this year, Lishui City formed a helping pair with Xuyong County and Gulin County in Luzhou City, which are located in the Wumeng Mountain Area of ​​Sichuan.

China (Lishui) Liangshan College Gulin Branch Award Ceremony Photo by Chen Yincheng

  How to help the people in the Wumengshan Revolutionary Zone to embark on the road of common prosperity as soon as possible?

The Lishui Development and Reform Commission and the heads of relevant assistance units went to the field to investigate and proposed to input the experience of reforming the ecological product value realization mechanism into the assistance area, activate the green development resources in the Wumeng mountain area, and help the ecological product value conversion project to achieve Green leapfrog development in the western region.

  Drawing on the development experience of Lishui, the Gulin County Party Committee held a plenary meeting to deliberate and approve the "Decision of the CPC Gulin County Party Committee on Adhering to Ecological Priority and Innovation to Drive High-quality Construction of Ecological Product Value Realization Pilot Areas in Wumeng Mountain", and proposed to create a world-class high-quality sauce and wine industry ecology The new goal of building a new practice and innovation base of “green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains”.

China (Lishui) Liangshan College Xuyong Branch Founding Ceremony Photo by Chen Yincheng

  Xuyong County Party Committee Organization Director Zhang Jingshu said that learning from Lishui’s good experience and good practices and strengthening the research on the value of ecological products will help Xuyong to explore a new path for the rehabilitation of cultural tourism to lead the realization of ecological value, and release "Mountains and Stars · Narrative Eternity" Unique charm, build the "Kangyang Bamboo Township·Drawings Xuyong", and realize the high-quality construction of the experimental zone for realizing the value of ecological products in the Wumeng mountainous area.

  In addition to conveying the concept of realizing the value of ecological products, the first pilot project of Lishui City to help Luzhou City has also entered the implementation stage.

  Dong Wangjun, deputy director of the Lishui Development and Reform Commission (counter office), introduced that this project is a construction project of 5,000 tons of bamboo processing products from Zhuyuan Agriculture in Xuyong County, Luzhou City. It will be based on the ecological resource advantage of 1.4 million acres of bamboo forest in Xuyong County. The first phase will invest 15 million yuan in cooperation funds and supporting funds, and the follow-up investment will reach 70 million yuan.

After the project takes effect, it can directly increase the income of 188 households and 877 people from poverty-stricken families, and become a concrete practice of transforming ecological products into economic commodities.