Recently, in the CBD core block of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, a "smart track" quietly went online, providing a different experience for surrounding residents and creators.

  This runway starts from the European and American Financial City Park, is laid out along the bank of Xianlin Harbor, and ends at Angel Village, the dream town, with a total length of about 1.25 kilometers.

From the starting point to the finishing point, the runway is full of "technologies".

  "We have set up a smart big screen with AI warm-up function at the starting point. The citizens only need to stand in front of the screen to prepare for exercise with the mascot of the dream town "Little Dream"." Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee According to Yao Cong, a staff member of the Urban Development Bureau, there are 3 types of "little dream" images set up on the big screen, with 8 sets of warm-up actions.

  On the runway, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City has set up 5 AI smart rods at intervals of about 300 meters, which can not only automatically recognize and check in, but also record the user's running speed, distance and various sports data.

Yao Cong said that when running here, citizens can know how many steps they have taken without having to carry their mobile phones with them, so that they can truly "get into battle lightly".

  As one of the four major "future cities" in the country, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City gives full play to the advantages of science and technology resources, organically integrates new infrastructure and urban governance, and lays a solid foundation for modern governance.

In recent years, a series of technologies such as smart zebra crossing, smart parking, and smart flood prevention have been unveiled in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, allowing people to experience the beautiful scene of a happy life empowered by technology.

  "This'smart runway' is actually a convenient project in the transformation and upgrading of the provincial beautiful rivers and lakes in the core city of the future science and technology city." Yao Cong said that the scope of transformation and upgrading includes Xianlin Port, Heguo Port, Yongsheng Port, etc. 6 The river has a total length of 10.3 kilometers and a water area of ​​348,500 square meters. It mainly undertakes the functions of flood control, drainage, regulation and storage, ecological landscape, leisure and entertainment.

  Since last year, in order to strengthen the construction of river courses, focus on making up for weak points, protecting the ecological environment, highlighting the humanistic history of rivers and lakes, improving the quality of riverside landscapes, enhancing the management and protection capabilities of rivers and lakes, and enhancing the happiness of residents along the river. The river course in the urban area has undergone ecological restoration, the area landscape node upgrade and cultural display, and the improvement of river management and protection facilities.

  "We have integrated the'wisdom' theme of the future science and technology city, and created convenient projects like'smart runway', which allows citizens to get close to the beautiful river while monitoring the river environment in real time, so as to effectively return the river to the people. Reality.” The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee said that it will further increase the construction and improvement of river and lake green landscapes and supporting facilities, effectively improve the quality of the regional water environment, and enhance the value of the city’s charm and create a model site for industry-city integration. Contribute.

(Economic Daily reporter Huang Ping Liuwen)