China News Service, Fangchenggang, December 6 (Huang Qiuyan, Di Liqiang, Wang Weichen) Guangxi Fangchenggang International Medical Open Pilot Zone held a promotion meeting on the evening of the 5th. Fangchenggang Mayor Huang Jiang launched the "Six Industrial Feast" here, urging the pilot zone to build international medicine Open up new heights of cooperation.

  Huang Jiang pointed out that the pilot zone has a planned area of ​​53.7 square kilometers, and plans to build three major parks, namely, a pharmaceutical manufacturing industrial park, a medical cooperation industrial park, and a medical research and development industrial park. It is the main bearing area and industrial cluster development area for national strategic tasks.

Deploy a national food safety and nutrition innovation platform, carry out medical cooperation with Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states and ASEAN countries, and focus on the development of medical innovation research and development, medical education and training, etc.

The experimental area will vigorously build six industries: laboratory animal breeding industry, drug preclinical research industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, traditional medicine development industry, health food industry and international medical and health care industry.

  Huang Jiang introduced that in terms of the experimental animal breeding industry, the experimental area will build a non-human primate experimental animal breeding base, a reserve center, and a germplasm resource base, promote the facilitation of the import of experimental animals, build a model animal development and research platform, and create experimental use Monkey "full industry chain" international cooperation platform.

  The pharmaceutical preclinical research industry will vigorously develop the economics of medical laboratories, support domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and enterprises to jointly build medical and pharmaceutical research sharing experimental platforms and drug research and development platforms in the test area, and cultivate the establishment of national key laboratories, national technology innovation centers and Guangxi key points laboratory.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will further stretch the industry chain based on the preclinical drug research industry, and focus on introducing a number of well-known pharmaceutical manufacturing companies at home and abroad.

The traditional medicine development industry will coordinate the promotion of the large-scale and standardized development of the traditional medicine industry.

The health food industry will fully tap local characteristics and marine biological resources, develop nutritious and healthy specialty foods such as health foods, special medical foods, longevity foods, and marine foods, and promote the transformation of the nutritious and health food industry from primary production to secondary production.

  Regarding the international medical and health care industry, the pilot zone will rely on Fangchenggang’s unique ecological advantages and resource endowments of the “seaside mountains” to innovate health service models, develop coastal, forest, hot spring and other characteristic health and cultural tourism businesses, and introduce a batch of high-level medical services. Health care institutions provide high-level medical and health care services, innovate health service models, and accelerate the creation of an international medical and health care industry.

  It is reported that in order to accelerate the implementation of the pilot zone project, Fangchenggang City has formulated a series of special supporting support policies, and through benchmarking with international first-class standards, it strives to create a first-class business environment and fully serve the development of the enterprise.

  Huang Jiang said that the experimental zone has many advantages and great development potential. As the base point of international medical open cooperation, the experimental zone is linked to Southwest China, South China, and the Pearl River Delta, and it radiates ASEAN countries and SCO countries. It has a vast market. The prospects are unlimited.

  Liu Li, the chief representative of Russia-China Strategic Association in China, revealed at the meeting that they intend to support the construction of the experimental zone with all sectors of Europe and Asia, jointly establish an international medical expert think tank, establish a high-level strategic communication and major issue consultation mechanism, etc., to carry out in-depth development. Cooperation to help the construction of the pilot zone.