From the perspective of economic security, a new domestic drone that domestic companies have cooperated in developing was released to the press on the 7th.

The released drone was developed in collaboration with five domestic companies, including Yamaha Motor, NTT DoCoMo, and venture companies.

It is a small aircraft with four rotor blades, and is expected to be used for grasping the damage situation in the event of a disaster and for checking infrastructure.

It is characterized by having high security functions such as encrypting data so that the aircraft will not be hijacked by cyber attacks and the information of captured images will not be extracted.

Regarding drones, the government is supporting the development of domestic manufacturers from the viewpoint of economic security because Chinese manufacturers occupy a high sales share in the world market, and the drone released on the 7th , Development has been promoted under the commission of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

From next year, the president of the venture company "ACSL" who participated in the development said, "For the first time, the government supported technology development, and the wisdom of Japan gathered. That's it. "