Using advanced sensor technology, the Sony Group has developed a state-of-the-art industrial robot that can automatically adjust the force to grasp even soft and fragile objects without damaging them.

Since the new Corona, we want to capture the increasing needs for remote control at manufacturing sites.

The robot announced by the Sony Group is equipped with multiple sensors that detect the surface condition and the distance to the object to be grasped at the tip of the "arm" that corresponds to the arm.

In the case of similar robots, it was necessary to input data such as the shape and weight of the object in advance, but the newly developed robot has the power to grip based on the information detected by the sensor. It adjusts automatically and instantly.

It is possible to grab soft and fragile items such as Western confectionery and flowers without damaging them, and it can be used when displaying products automatically.

Sony is developing sensors for smartphone cameras, and we would like to utilize the sensor technology that this robot is also good at to capture the increasing needs for remote work, mainly at manufacturing sites, since the new Corona.

Alan Sumiyama, General Manager of Corporate Technology Strategy Division, said, "Since it is difficult for people to approach each other due to the corona, we focused on technology that connects distant objects in real time and in real time. I want to do it. "