Over the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande Group, which is in financial difficulty, foreign media reported that several creditors did not receive interest payments on corporate bonds that had reached their final maturity on the 6th.

Default = may be considered default.

The Evergrande Group, which has a huge amount of debt, has reached the final deadline of about 82 million dollars in total and 9.3 billion yen in Japanese yen on the 6th, with interest payments on dollar-denominated corporate bonds.

Reuters reported on the 7th that several creditors did not receive interest payments by the deadline, according to people familiar with the matter.

If no payment has been made, it may be considered default = default.

Until now, the company was supposed to pay interest on corporate bonds one after another on a tightrope walk, so to speak, but the cash flow has become more difficult since then.

Then, on December 3, he expressed his intention to discuss debt restructuring with foreign creditors, such as reviewing repayment conditions.

Meanwhile, the local government in Guangdong Province, where the head office is located, has announced that it will send a working team to curb risks, and as the problems surrounding the Evergrande Group continue to be wary of the impact on financial markets, etc. It is also likely that the involvement of the authorities will limit the spread of the impact.