In Africa, which is expected to be a growth market, a meeting was held to discuss how to proceed with the business of Japanese companies, and while awareness of health is increasing due to the corona disaster, there are voices from the African side calling for investment in the healthcare field. It was done.

The conference, hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, was held online by connecting the venues of Tokyo and Kenya, and was attended by companies and government officials from both Japan and Africa.

First, an organization made up of Japanese companies operating in Africa reported on the current situation in which investment is being actively made even in Corona.

According to this, the amount of investment in a startup company that has just been founded has fallen due to the influence of the new corona last year, but it has picked up and exceeded 250 billion yen in Japanese yen for Africa as a whole. , It is expected to be the highest ever.

Regarding this, a person in charge of a local investment fund called for active investment, saying, "Health tech, which utilizes the latest IT technology for medical treatment, is attracting attention while awareness of health is increasing due to the corona disaster." I did.

Deputy Director General Osamu Yamanaka of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said, "The presence of Japanese companies in Africa is weaker than in Europe and the United States, so I would like to see more business bases expanded."

This discussion will be reflected in the recommendations for the TICAD = Tokyo International Conference on African Development to be held in Tunisia, North Africa next year.