On the evening of December 6, the 2021 Beijing Internet celebrity check-in recommendation list was released in Beijing.

100 scenic spots including the Memorial Hall of the Early Beijing Revolution of the Communist Party of China (Peking University Red Tower) and Beijing Universal Resort are on the list.

Beijing will support Internet celebrity check-in locations through the introduction of social capital in multiple dimensions, and cultivate new brands for cultural tourism consumption.

  It is understood that the recommended list of Beijing Internet celebrity check-in places released this time is divided into natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, culture and art, neighborhoods and parks, new consumption scenes, night economy, technological innovation and digital economy, reading space, hotels and boutique homestays, The 10 thematic categories such as catering and innovative retail basically cover all the business formats of Beijing's existing Internet celebrity check-in locations.

  This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The new red attractions such as the Memorial Hall of the Early Beijing Revolutionary Activities of the Communist Party of China (Peking University Red Tower) and the former site of the editorial office of "New Youth" (Chen Duxiu's former residence) have all entered the new list of online celebrity check-in places.

In addition, the Internet celebrity check-in places selected for the new list include the Beijing Universal Theme Resort, which opened this year, the reopened Auspicious Theater, Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, the Xiude Valley Traditional Culture Experience Base, and Liangmahe International Customs Night. You, Baita Zhiguang Hotel (Lotus Coffee), Temple of Heaven Fuyin, Meike Cave Museum and other new consumer places.

(Source of Xu Jing's video: Wu Rui produced by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】