As decarbonization and digitalization progress, a meeting of government experts was held to discuss the ideal way of human resources who will lead a new society, and it is important to develop young human resources who will challenge start-up companies aiming for growth in innovative businesses. An opinion was given.

The first meeting of the "Future Human Resources Conference" established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry was attended by six members, including Chairman Tomoko Namba of IT giant DENA and Chairman Toshiaki Higashihara of Hitachi, Ltd., a major electrical equipment manufacturer.

At the beginning, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda said, "It is believed that it has supported the competitiveness of Japanese companies, and there will be a need for human resources development that is fundamentally different from the abilities and characteristics that have been taught in the field. I would like to ask for discussions toward the examination of the large picture of. "

At the meeting, the committee members pointed out that Japanese companies are less hiring doctoral students than overseas and lack specialized human resources, and young human resources who challenge start-up companies aiming for growth with innovative technology and business. There was an opinion that it is important to nurture students, and that they want them to actively experience studying abroad in order to develop an international sense.

At the "Future Human Resources Conference", as decarbonization and digitalization progress and the industrial structure changes, the ideal way of human resources who will lead the society and the improvement of the environment to secure human resources who will create new value with innovative ideas will be discussed in the future. After repeated discussions, we will compile guidelines for strengthening human resource development next spring.