"Food is the heaven for the people", and food has always been an irreplaceable foundation in the entire national economy.

  According to the national grain production data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total national grain output in 2021 is 1365.7 billion jin, an increase of 26.7 billion jin over the previous year, an increase of 2.0%, and the annual grain output hit a new high, remaining at 1.3 trillion jin for seven consecutive years. above.

Among them, the output of autumn grain was 1017.8 billion jin, an increase of 19.1 billion jin or 1.9% over the previous year.

  The sown area of ​​grain increased by 12.95 million mu, an increase of 0.7%.

The yield per unit of grain increased by 4.8 kg, an increase of 1.2%.

The total grain output increased by 26.7 billion catties, an increase of 2.0%.

  In 2021, there will be another bumper crop in the country. Grain output has stabilized at more than 1.3 trillion catties for seven consecutive years. The "Fourth Five-Year Plan" started well and started well, promoted high-quality economic and social development, and laid a solid foundation for building a new development pattern.