The use of face recognition systems that confirm the identity of the person by the image of the face taken by the camera is spreading.

In an interview with NHK and others, NEC President Takayuki Morita, who has strengths in this field, expressed his intention to utilize the technology for infection control measures and administrative services such as vaccination certification for the new corona vaccine.

NEC has strengths in face recognition technology, and even at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics held this year, the system was used as a security measure when athletes and staff entered the venue.

Regarding these technologies, President Morita said in an interview with NHK and others that "it is a very effective means for vaccination and border measures at airports, etc." He also showed his intention to utilize the technology.

For example, in the case of immunity passport, we are considering a mechanism to have the system register the image of the face and immunity passport in advance, install a camera connected to the system in tourist facilities and stores, and authenticate the person.

On the other hand, with facial recognition, there is a deep-rooted concern that data may be leaked or misused.

President Morita said, "We are taking technical measures such as distributing data, using it only for collation, and distributing it back," a new way to prevent information from being misused. It has revealed that it is expected to be put into practical use with data management technology.