There is a region that has led the rise in apartment prices in Seoul this year. Looking at the map, in the north, Nowon-gu, Dobong-gu, and Gangbuk-gu, and in the south, Guro-gu, Geumcheon-gu, and Gwanak-gu led the increase in apartment prices. Most of the time, young people bought a lot of loans, but the mood has changed drastically recently. In some places, house prices have fallen by more than 100 million won in two months.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha covered the scene.

<Reporter> This

is an apartment building in Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

The transaction price of this 84 square meter apartment fell by 170 million won in two months.

In August, the transaction was 820 million won, and in October, reports came in that the house was sold for 650 million won.

Homeowners are continuing to offer lower prices.

[Accredited Broker: There was one that came out for 83 million won, but it came yesterday and it came down by 20 million won. I want you to sell it for 8.1 million won. There is a feeling of faltering and falling.] The

so-called 'Nodo River' area in northern Seoul is the same.

Although the price recorded an all-time high in August, there are still many complexes that have fallen by tens of millions of won in two months.

[Accredited Broker: It's a cliff at all. No inquiries, no visits. I have no desire to buy, now.]

Looking at the weekly apartment price trends, the sales growth rates in Nowon-gu, Gwanak-gu, and Dobong-gu have fallen sharply over the past three months.

This area is filled with low- and mid-priced apartments that are not subject to loan regulation.

The so-called 'youngcheol investment', in which young people gather souls to get a loan, continued, and house prices soared, but recently the momentum has slowed down.

[Park Won-gap / KB Kookmin Bank Senior Real Estate Specialist: In the past year or two, apartment prices have risen a lot compared to other regions, so end-users feel a burden, and it is analyzed that the rise has slowed as they respond more sensitively to loan regulations.]

Conversely, loans Gangnam 3 district, which is not affected, still has strong house prices, and the polarization in house prices is getting worse even in Seoul.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan, VJ: Jung Min-goo)