Chinanews Client Beijing, December 6 (Reporter Li Jinlei) The "Economic Blue Book: Analysis and Forecast of China's Economic Situation in 2022" released on December 6 pointed out that China's economy will generally maintain a recovery trend in 2021, and the economic growth rate will be increasing. Maintaining the lead among the world's major economies, China's economy is expected to grow by 8.0% in 2021.

The 2022 "Economic Blue Book" conference and China Economic Situation Report will be held in Beijing on December 6.

Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jinlei

  On December 6, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, "The Blue Book of Economics in 2022" sponsored by the Scientific Research Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Macroeconomic Research Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Social Sciences Literature Press The press conference and China’s economic situation report was held in Beijing.

  The Blue Book analysis pointed out that for a period of time in the future, the global economy will continue to recover, but the recovery is facing uncertainty.

China's economy is expected to grow by 8.0% in 2021, and an average growth rate of 5.1% in the two-year period from 2020 to 2021.

Taking into account that the global epidemic is still continuing, China's economy is expected to grow by about 5.3% in 2022, and an average growth rate of 5.2% in the three-year period from 2020 to 2022, which is slightly higher than the average growth rate in the two-year period from 2020 to 2021.

  The Blue Book believes that in 2021, under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, my country's economy will generally show a good recovery trend, but in the uncertain and unstable epidemic situation and the external environment, the downward pressure on the economy will increase and the economy will remain stable. There are many risks and challenges in operation.

  The Blue Book suggests that in 2022, counter-cyclical adjustments of macroeconomic policies should be appropriately increased, focusing on cross-cyclical adjustments: proactive fiscal policies should be strengthened to improve efficiency, continue to maintain a certain expenditure intensity, and pay more attention to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and focusing on people. The urbanization of the real economy can hedge against the downward pressure on economic growth; a prudent monetary policy should stabilize the volume and reduce the negative load, enhance the stability of the growth of total credit, guide the lower average financing interest rate of the real economy, reduce the interest burden of the real economy, and effectively cope with rising cost inflation .

  In addition, adhere to the employment priority policy, accelerate the elimination of structural contradictions in the labor market, strengthen the expansion and quality of urban employment; strive to ensure supply and stabilize prices, and effectively reduce business operating costs; at the same time, focus on strengthening fiscal, currency, industry, regional, and competition For policy coordination in other areas, it is necessary not only to prevent mutual constraints, but also to avoid policy superimposition and resonance.

  For 2022, the Blue Book recommends the following key tasks: First, work hard to ensure supply and stabilize prices; second, fully tap the domestic market potential and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern; third, improve the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, and effectively strengthen the industry System stability and resilience; fourth is to coordinate and orderly do a good job in carbon peak and carbon neutrality, steadily promote the overall green transformation of economic and social development; fifth, to accelerate the growth of urban and rural residents' income, and focus on drawing the background of common prosperity for the people's livelihood; It is to coordinate development and security, and do a good job in the prevention and resolution of risks in key areas; seven is to accelerate the improvement of science and technology management systems and mechanisms, and continuously strengthen scientific and technological innovation capabilities; eight is to strengthen the coordination of urban and rural regional development, and promote the formation of a new pattern of two-way flow of urban and rural elements; 9. It is to accelerate reforms in key areas and build a new system for a higher level of open economy.