, Lanzhou, December 4th (Reporter Yang Yanmin) At 11:30 on December 4th, 75,097 trains from Wuwei South, Gansu to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, loaded with 50 carts of 40-foot container cargo at Wuwei South Station. Drive out slowly.

This is the first train from Gansu to Tbilisi, Georgia.

  According to Wang Fei, head of Wuwei South Station in the Wuwei South Train Department of China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group, the China-Europe train is mainly equipped with anti-epidemic materials, auto parts, LCD screens, etc. The total cargo weight is 625 tons, and the total freight value is about 625 tons. 27.6 million yuan.

The train departs from Wuwei South Railway Station from Khorgos, Xinjiang, passes through Aktau Port in Kazakhstan, Baku Port in Azerbaijan, and finally arrives in Tbilisi. The total distance is 7,360 kilometers, and it is expected to arrive in 10 days.

The picture shows the goods are being loaded.

Photo by Tian Yunlong

  In order to ensure the smooth operation of the train, China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Container Lanzhou Branch, Wuwei South Train Depot, Wuwei Bonded Logistics Center, and Lanzhou Freight Center earnestly implemented localized epidemic prevention and control policies, strengthened departmental collaboration, and carefully deployed Various tasks have opened up green transportation channels for the opening of trains.

  The freight department strictly implements real-name registration for goods, vehicles, truck drivers, containers, and personnel, and implements "one certificate, one test, two purchases and three checks" (vehicle pass, temperature measurement, container disinfection, truck disinfection, health code, itinerary code, and Nucleic acid test negative certificate), a dedicated person synchronizes the round-trip trajectory information of cargo carriers entering and exiting the zone, real-time tracking, and high-quality completion of this China-Europe freight train "Tianma" cargo declaration and shipment preparations.

The train service department monitors and controls on-site operations throughout the entire process, and strictly follows the principle of “prioritized air allocation, priority pick-up and delivery, and priority transportation” for shift train transportation, dynamically grasps the progress of shift train loading, rationally arranges the shunting operation plan, and implements the marshalling The card control of key links such as, shunting, cargo inspection, etc. ensured that the China-Europe Express trains were grouped in time, hung out, and started on time.

The picture shows the Wuwei South Railway Station under the aerial lens.

Photo by Wang Xidong

  Li Zhengfu, director of Jinchang Customs under Lanzhou Customs, introduced that the smooth launch of the "Wuwei-Tbilisi" international freight train will help Gansu Province to strengthen economic and trade exchanges with countries along the "Belt and Road" and expand transshipment in Central and Eastern European countries. aisle.

  In order to ensure the smooth launch of the train, Jinchang Customs opened a "green channel" for customs clearance, actively connected with operating companies, formulated supervision plans according to the train dispatch plan, carried out business coordination, and provided business guidance; at the same time, a special working group was established to adopt advance declarations and appointment inspections. Measures such as the arrival, inspection, inspection, and release of the export goods of the express train will further reduce the overall customs clearance time.

  This train is the first China-Europe train to Georgia with a domestic train operating company as the main body. It marks the official launch of the first bonded overseas warehouse established by the special customs supervision zone of the country and opened up the China-Europe train in Gansu Province. The new cross-border land-sea transportation channel for trans-Caspian and Black Sea transportation is of great significance for accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles.