It is related to the fact that the chairman submitted a resignation notice to the association due to the suspicion that the travel agency whose representative director is the chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents received the "employment adjustment subsidy" illegally. I learned anew from the interview with the person.

The person who submitted the resignation notice was Jungo Kikuma, chairman of the Japan Association of Travel Agents.

Regarding "World Aviation Service", a travel agency in Tokyo where Chairman Kikuma serves as the representative director, he submitted a lie document pretending to be resting employees to the country from last year and illegally received an employment adjustment subsidy. It became clear that there was a suspicion that he was doing it.

According to a third-party committee made up of outside lawyers, the amount received based on an application that is not true is estimated to be approximately 178 million yen.

The third-party committee said it could not clearly determine whether the fraud was intentional, but according to people familiar with the matter, the resignation notice was submitted by Chairman Kikuma taking responsibility for the matter.

The Japan Association of Travel Agents has tentatively elected JTB Chairman Hiroyuki Takahashi, who serves as Vice Chairman, to act as Chairman. It is a policy to discuss such things.