China News Service, Changsha, December 4 (Reporter Lu Yi) China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Railway Group) reported on the 4th that the Zhangjiajie to Jishou to Huaihua high-speed railway (hereinafter referred to as Zhang-Ji-Huai high-speed rail) will be held on December 6. Open operation, Zhangjiajie to Huaihua can be reached within 1 hour and 10 minutes at the fastest.

From 9 o'clock today, the railway department began to sell tickets for the Zhangjihuai high-speed rail EMU train.

  Zhangjihuai high-speed railway is located in the western part of Hunan Province, starting from Zhangjiajie West Station of Qianzhangchang Railway in the north, passing through Jishou City, Fenghuang County and Mayang Miao Autonomous County of Huaihua City in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, and introducing Huaihua South Station. The total length of the line is 245 kilometers and the design speed is 350 per hour. There are 7 passenger stations in Zhangjiajie West, Furong Town, Guzhang West, Jishou East, Fenghuang Ancient City, Mayang West, and Huaihua South, among which Zhangjiajie West Station and Huaihua South Station are existing stations.

  After the Zhangjihuai high-speed rail is put into operation, the railway department will arrange 16 pairs of mobile trains with an initial operating speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

  As the regional connection line of China's "Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal" high-speed railway network, Zhang-Ji-Huai High-speed Railway is connected to Qian-Chang Railway in the north, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway and Huai-Heng Railway in the south, connecting Wulingyuan, Tianmen Mountain, Furong Town, Mengdong River and Fenghuang Ancient City in series. Such famous scenic spots are of great significance for improving the travel conditions of the people along the route, promoting the development of tourism resources, and promoting the revitalization and development of rural areas.

  According to the railway department, the train schedule and time of the Zhangjihuai high-speed railway can be consulted on WeChat and the railway 12306 website, WeChat and client.