China News Service, Haikou, December 3 (Reporter Wang Ziqian) The reporter learned from the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the China International Consumer Goods Expo on the 3rd that the China International Consumer Goods Expo in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "2022 Consumer Fair") will be more focused. On the basis of "high, new, excellent and special" consumer products, it is planned to add a domestic product boutique exhibition area and hold related forum activities.

  Why does the 2022 Consumer Fair set up an exhibition area for domestic products?

According to the official introduction, Chinese traditional culture is extensive and profound. It is the direction that many Chinese brands have been eager to build to convey Chinese culture as a whole through brand concept, product design, and content output.

The younger generation has confidence in Chinese culture, and China's mature supply chain also provides the basic conditions for product value empowerment.

The special exhibition area for domestic products enriched the content of the exhibition and broadened the course of the exhibition.

The Consumer Fair provides a platform for individual display of domestic consumer products, so that domestic products brands have more possibilities to break through the barriers of all links, and give opportunities for brands from all over the world to communicate.

  At the first China International Consumer Goods Expo in 2021, all provinces across the country actively participated in the selection of "high, new, excellent and special" consumer products with local characteristics.

Many domestic brands show their talents and compete on the same stage with foreign boutiques, demonstrating the charm of China's high-quality consumer brands.

  At the 2022 Consumer Fair, the domestic product boutique exhibition area will use policy advantages and business environment advantages to attract Chinese traditional industries and the new national tide industrial chain to Hainan, meet multi-level and diversified consumer needs, and further improve the effectiveness of investment and innovation The development of the free trade port will help to smooth the domestic economic cycle, strengthen the driving force of economic growth, and share new opportunities for the development of the free trade port.

  The 2022 Consumer Fair will be held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 12th to 16th next year.

The total exhibition area is 100,000 square meters, including 70,000 square meters of international exhibition area and 30,000 square meters of domestic exhibition area.