China News Service, Beijing, December 3 (Reporter Liu Yuying) Huang Libin, Director of the Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, said on the 3rd when introducing the "14th Five-Year Plan for Industrial Green Development", "The 13th Five-Year Plan" "Since then, China's industrial green development has achieved remarkable results.

  According to reports, during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China initially established a long-term mechanism for the withdrawal of backward production capacity. The iron and steel industry achieved the 150 million tons reduction target ahead of schedule. The electrolytic aluminum and cement industries have basically withdrawn from backward production capacity.

  The utilization efficiency of energy resources in the industrial sector has been significantly improved, the energy consumption per unit value added of industries above designated size has been reduced by approximately 16%, and the water consumption per unit of industrial value added has been reduced by approximately 40%.

The comprehensive energy and water consumption per ton of steel and the comprehensive AC power consumption of primary aluminum in key large and medium-sized enterprises have reached the world's advanced level.

  China's cleaner production level has improved significantly.

Coal-fired units have fully completed the ultra-low emission transformation, and 620 million tons of crude steel production capacity has undergone ultra-low emission transformation.

The emission intensity of major pollutants in key industries will be reduced by more than 20%.

  China's green and low-carbon industry is beginning to take shape.

By the end of 2020, the output value of China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry was approximately RMB 7.5 trillion.

The cumulative sales of new energy vehicles have exceeded 5.5 million, ranking first in the world for many years.

Solar cell modules account for 71% of the global market share.

  Huang Libin said that China is still in the historical stage of in-depth development of industrialization and urbanization, and the proportion of traditional industries is still high. The energy structure is biased towards coal and energy use efficiency is not fundamentally changed. The contradiction between resource and environmental constraints has intensified, and carbon The time window for reaching peaks and carbon neutrality is tight, and the advanced technology reserves are insufficient. The task of realizing industrial green and low-carbon transformation is arduous.