(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) How can Henan Cultural Tourism renew its confidence after several suspensions a year?

  China News Service, Zhengzhou, December 3, title: How can Henan Cultural Tourism boost confidence after multiple suspensions and restarts a year?

  Author Kan Li

  In the past few days, many scenic spots such as Songshan Scenic Area and Zhengzhou Yinji International Tourism Resort, which were temporarily closed due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic in November, have resumed or will open soon.

A number of scenic spots have played the "Huimin Card" to boost consumer confidence.

  In early November, local confirmed cases appeared in Zhengzhou, Henan and other places.

In view of this, Zhengzhou City has initiated the "fuse" mechanism for the management of cross-provincial tourism operation activities, and all scenic spots in the city have suspended operations.

At the end of the month, the epidemic prevention and control situation stabilized, and closed scenic spots resumed one after another.

  The Yinji International Tourism Resort in Xinmi, Zhengzhou has been closed for more than a month. The relevant person in charge said that the scenic area that has been closed for several decades is about to restart, and the employees are in high spirits.

The picture shows the deer interacting with tourists in the Fuxi Mountain Scenic Spot in Xinmi, Zhengzhou.

Photo courtesy of Fuxi Mountain Scenic Spot in Xinmi

  The reporter learned that before the full reopening of the resort, all office spaces, dormitories and parks in the resort were completely wiped out in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements.

  The above-mentioned person in charge told reporters that after the restart, the resort will receive a limited number of tourists per day on the basis of multiple rounds of killing every day, according to the 50% current limit standard of the park's carrying capacity.

  The person in charge further stated that tourists need to book tickets online in advance with real names, swipe their ID cards, scan the health code and itinerary code, and enter the park after the temperature is normal. "Visitors must wear masks throughout the trip."

  At the end of October, Zhengzhou received a notification that an asymptomatic infected person from Jiangxi Province had been active in Zhengzhou City, involving Yinji International Tourism Resort. Later Zhengzhou also reported other infections, which were empty at the same time as the Jiangxi case. Intersection situation.

As a result, all projects in the resort have suspended face-to-face customers, and thousands of employees have been quarantined in the resort and their homes as required.

  "Please show the itinerary code, take the temperature, wear a mask, and one-meter distance..." The Xinmi Fuxi Mountain Scenic Area and Zhengzhou Yijiangnan Tourist Resort, which have been restarted first, have also strictly entered the park in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements and carried out daily elimination. kill.

The reporter saw at the entrance to the park that the staff kept reminding visitors to enter the park according to the above procedures.

  Starting from December 3, parts of the Songshan Scenic Area will be reopened in an orderly manner, and online real-name reservations will also be implemented.

  The management committee of the scenic spot stated that some scenic spots such as the Shaolin Temple, the Shaolin Temple, the Huishan Temple, and the Zhongyue Temple in the Shaolin Scenic Spot, Songyang Scenic Spot, and Zhongyue Scenic Spot will resume opening on the 3rd.

  The above-mentioned management committee also stated that because the Chuzu Temple, Dharma Cave, and Sanhuangzhai of Shaolin Scenic Area do not have the opening conditions for the time being, the full ticket price of Shaolin Scenic Area will be adjusted to 70 yuan per person, and the original price will be restored after the scenic area is fully opened.

The original price of other open attractions in Songshan Scenic Area will be restored.

  According to the Songshan Scenic Area, the scenic spot implements peak-shifting, appointment, and current limiting measures, and the daily reception volume does not exceed 75% of the scenic spot's maximum carrying capacity.

  It is understood that Zhengzhou Yellow River Cultural Park, Wangwu Mountain in Jiyuan City and other scenic spots also officially resumed opening on December 3.

  Henan, located in central China, has suffered successive floods and two rounds of epidemics since July this year. The cultural tourism industry has been severely damaged. Many scenic spots and cultural museums have been closed several times, and some have even been closed since late July.

  The reporter combed and found that many scenic spots that have restarted one after another have introduced various preferential policies to attract more tourists and boost consumer confidence.

The person in charge of Yinji International Tourism Resort said that it will launch new amusement products one after another, extend the use period of related products such as tickets, and launch special family packages on social platforms.

  In the winter of Fuxi Mountain, the wind is a bit strong, and the animals such as deer "mix with tourists", so it is so lively.

The scenic area said that its Red Stone Forest, Sanquan Lake and other scenic spots have implemented a policy of exemption of tickets. "Since the restart, the scenic area has not interrupted tourists, and there are relatively more people on weekends."

  There are many other types of preferential ticket policies for scenic spots.

Some insiders pointed out that due to the impact of multiple rounds of epidemics and natural disasters, it will take some time for Henan, especially Zhengzhou's cultural tourism industry to break through the downturn and regain confidence.