China News Service, Hefei, December 3 (Liu Hao) "Storage boxes, packaging boxes and building boards made of straw..." On the 3rd, at the 2021 Anhui Straw and Livestock Farming Waste Comprehensive Utilization Industry Expo, Fuyang, Anhui Province The various straw craft products displayed in the city exhibition hall have attracted the attention of many merchants.

  As a major agricultural province, Anhui produces 40 million tons of grain, 6 million tons of meat, eggs, and milk. The annual crop straw can be collected is about 48 million tons, and the total amount of livestock and poultry farming waste is about 95 million tons.

Fuyang is also one of the major agricultural cities in Anhui Province. The annual collection of straw in Fuyang is about 7 million tons, and the comprehensive utilization rate is over 95%.

  In recent years, Fuyang City has promoted the level of straw energy conversion, base materialization, feed conversion, raw materialization, and fertilizer conversion, and has been at the forefront of Anhui Province. Among them, the entire region's purchasing and storage, full quantitative utilization, and full material recycling are all in Fuyang City. Promotion.

Photo by Liu Hao, Fuyang Exhibition Hall

  In Fuyang City, the fields were covered with wheat stalks after the summer harvest in previous years. Farmers worries about handling these stalks, but nowadays it is very different. The wheat stalks are no longer crushed and returned to the field, but packaged "off the field."

  Fuyang Hongqiao Straw Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research of comprehensive utilization of straw, and the research and development of straw board production equipment and production technology.

  "It can be as large as walls, public toilets, as small as tables and chairs and coffee tables, and there are many small crafts made of straw, which can be made from straw panels inside and out." said Zhang Zhongcheng, chairman of Fuyang Hongqiao Straw Technology Co., Ltd. Straw slabs not only have high static bending strength, but are also fireproof, waterproof, cold, and noise-proof. Compared with traditional buildings, they save energy consumption. It can truly replace wood with grass and bricks.

  In terms of promoting the utilization of straw, manure, and kitchen waste, Fuyang City Funan County Linhai Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the harmless treatment of urban and rural organic waste, the production and sales of bio-natural gas and bio-organic fertilizer, and the modern recycling agricultural industry. The main technology-based professional operating enterprise.

  In Funan County, the company currently builds 3 sites, each site can process 480 tons of manure, straw, kitchen waste, sick and dead animals and other organic waste, daily production of 15,000 cubic meters of biogas, purification of 7200 cubic meters of natural gas , And generate 6000 degrees at the same time.

Annually, it can process 172,800 tons of organic waste such as manure, straw, and kitchen waste.

It effectively solves many development problems that local governments are concerned about, such as waste treatment at the county level, natural gas supply, and the supply of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

  In terms of advancing the application of straw feed, Fuyang Funan Zhongyang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., based on the mature characteristics of corn live stalks in the Huaihe River Basin, after harvesting, the nutrient and moisture are not lost before the powder is smashed, high-strength compaction is added to the silage starter to seal Anaerobic fermentation is carried out for 80-90 days. After the cellar is opened, 200,000 dairy goats, 300,000 mutton sheep, and 10,000 cows are fed with standardized ingredients to convert 420,000 tons of digested straws, which can solve the straw treatment of 420,000 acres of arable land. problem.

  According to reports, at the end of 2020, the comprehensive utilization rate of straw in Anhui exceeded 90%, which exceeded the national average by more than 5 percentage points. The industrialized utilization accounted for 50.88% of the total utilization, and the energy utilization and raw material utilization accounted for 36.33 of the total utilization. %.

The comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure in Anhui is over 80%, which is 5 percentage points higher than the national average.