Emmanuel Macron in Saudi Arabia to close his Gulf tour

French President Emmanuel Macron and Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, December 4, 2021. AFP - THOMAS SAMSON

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Emmanuel Macron arrived in Jeddah at the end of the morning.

The President of the Republic ends his tour of the Gulf in Saudi Arabia, a last important step.


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With our special correspondent in Jeddah


It all took place at the Royal Palace in Jeddah, where French President

Emmanuel Macron


after a formal welcome by the Minister of Culture and the Governor of Mecca at the number one royal pavilion at the airport.

A pavilion all in marble, gilding and crystals, reserved for distinguished guests.

Crown Prince

Mohammed Ben Salman was

waiting at the entrance to the Palace and the two men exchanged a handshake when the French president arrived.

Before a working lunch with French ministers and their Saudi counterparts, Emmanuel Macron and Mohammed Ben Salman met first in a larger circle, then face to face.

This visit is strongly criticized by human rights defenders.

The French president justified it

by the strategy of France, which wants to be a "

balancing power

" and discuss with everyone to participate in the stability of the region and resolve crises.

During these talks, Emmanuel Macron hopes to move things forward, especially on the Lebanese issue in which he was very involved but has not succeeded in obtaining concrete results.

The French president thus hopes that Saudi Arabia will

resume its aid to Lebanon

, aid necessary for the population whose living conditions have dramatically deteriorated.

With this visit, Emmanuel Macron therefore decided to play the Saudi card.


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