China News Online, December 3 (Reporter Yin Liqin) At the end of November, a few seconds after the export of a batch of cross-border e-commerce products was declared on the enterprise client, Shanghai Eida International Logistics Co., Ltd. received the return receipt approved by the customs for approval. Arrange the shipment of goods immediately.

The Pudong Airport Customs, affiliated to Shanghai Customs, explored the electronicalization of the approval and release of cross-border e-commerce for export, allowing domestic products to "sell the world" on an express train.

  In recent years, around November has been a small peak for international express shipments at Shanghai Express Port.

This year, under the superimposed influence of the two promotional festivals of the domestic "Double Eleven" and the foreign "Black Five" shopping festival, the export volume of cross-border e-commerce at the Shanghai Express Port has shown an upward trend since October. The month increased by more than 30%.

  In response to the peak of cross-border e-commerce exports, Shanghai Customs has adopted a variety of response measures to ensure timely clearance of goods.

This year, the Customs has further promoted the application of scientific and technological means, implemented the whole process of electronic approval and release of export cross-border e-commerce, and improved the level of facilitation of customs clearance.

After the original declaration is completed, the company needs to aggregate the house waybills that have received the release instructions into a total bill, and go to the customs clearance site to affix the release seal. Hour.

“Now through information technology, the release information of house waybills is automatically summarized and sent to the cargo station through affixing method to realize the instant release and save the manpower and material costs of the company’s back and forth customs clearance site.” said Xu Huihua, deputy director of the customs express supervision department at Pudong International Airport. .

  The ever-increasing timeliness of customs clearance and the effectiveness of regulatory services have helped domestic companies "sell the world."

Wang Wenjiang, General Manager of Shanghai Aida, said: “Affected by the epidemic, the demand for Chinese products from overseas supply chains has become stronger this year. The'Black Friday' is also a'big test' for our international express delivery companies. The cross-border e-commerce B2B export model allows declarations. It is much more convenient to release and release, which relieves us a lot of pressure and enhances the competitiveness of domestic exports.” In the first half of November, Shanghai Eida declared more than 180,000 votes for cross-border e-commerce exports, exceeding the entire month of September. 70% of the amount.