China News Service, Haikou, December 3rd. Title: Hainan Free Trade Port Construction: Using "Soft Body" to Improve "Soft Environment" for Business

  China News Agency reporter Yin Haiming and Wang Ziqian

  "Government services are very different from before!" Zheng Wei, general manager of the aero engine maintenance project of Haikou Urban Construction Group, issued such a feeling.

  The first batch of equipment for the engine test bench introduced by the Hainan Free Trade Port’s first aero engine maintenance base project successfully completed customs declaration at the end of November and arrived at the Haikou Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone that has not yet been officially closed for operation, and enjoys exemption in accordance with the comprehensive free trade zone’s “advance application” policy The tax collected is more than 1 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

This is the first time that the “advance application” policy of the Comprehensive Bonded Zone has been implemented in Hainan.

  "We have been discussing how this batch of equipment can enjoy the relevant tax policies for a long time. The Haikou Municipal Government, Haikou Customs, and the Haikou Airport Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee have provided great assistance and sent special personnel to follow up and guide various procedures in advance, so that we can cooperate in accordance with the law. Regulations enjoy tax reduction and exemption policies in advance.” Zheng Wei said, unlike the past when companies “begged” government departments to do things, now government departments take the initiative to provide “shops and small two” services. Take the lead in coordinating various departments to solve problems."

  Thanks to the government's "nanny" active service, a promising enterprise project in Yangpu, Hainan "revived".

  The first phase of the Handi Fluid Project with a total investment of about 4 billion yuan in Yangpu by the private enterprise Handi Group was officially put into operation in early November. It mainly produces high-end base oil, white oil and other fluid materials, which can fill the gap in the domestic market and realize import substitution.

  Such a project once caused a large funding gap due to the sharp rise in construction costs and the impact of the epidemic on the construction period, and it faced the dilemma of stopping construction.

"If there is no government support, the project will be unfinished due to the break of the capital chain, and the initial investment will be wiped out." said Wu Hanling, chairman of Handi Group.

  Wu Hanling said that the government has repeatedly coordinated the funding gap and the implementation of the free trade port policy. Through institutional innovation, it has helped companies get 163 million yuan in industry and information industry funds, promoted the approval of the 1 million tons/year import wax oil quota, and promoted banks. Participate in project construction with social capital.

The Management Committee of Yangpu Economic Development Zone has been to the scene many times to help companies check blockages, solve problems, and solve major issues such as public utilities, license approvals, and project acceptance. "The government has concentrated a lot of energy and mobilized a lot of resources to help companies get out of the predicament. ."

  The government's "matchmaker" service successfully matched upstream and downstream enterprises to achieve a win-win situation.

  Hainan Refinery and Hainan Yisheng Petrochemical in Yangpu are upstream and downstream enterprises separated by a wall.

The PX produced by Hainan Refinery and Chemical is the raw material of Hainan Yisheng Petrochemical. The pipeline between the two companies has long been built. However, if the latter purchases PX from the former, the former needs to ship the PX for export or transport to the bonded port. The district enjoys export tax rebate, and then the latter purchases and imports.

The reimportation of exports not only increases costs, but also poses safety risks.

  The Management Committee of Yangpu Economic Development Zone and the Customs Department set up special work teams to match up. Under the premise of controllable risks, through system innovation to realize the separation of data flow and cargo flow supervision, so that the supervision data and customs procedures can be circulated in the bonded port area. The cargo is actually transported directly through the pipeline, and the problem is solved.

  By solving a series of problems including this problem, it has also contributed to the resumption of production of the PX Phase II 1 million tons project, which has been suspended by Hainan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.

  With the "nanny", "matchmaker" and "shop second", the government has softened its position, and the soft business environment has been optimized, which has accelerated the implementation of investment.

According to Ding Hui, the mayor of Haikou City, Haikou Jiangdong New District explored innovative project approval models, issued construction permits in stages, and reduced the enterprise project preparation cycle by an average of 75 days.

Since the first case was handled in September, 11 phases of construction permits have been issued for 9 projects, driving an investment of 10.5 billion yuan to accelerate the implementation.

  The business environment is related to the success or failure of the free trade port. Shen Xiaoming, secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, has repeatedly stated that the business environment should be turned into the "golden rice bowl" of the free trade port.

On the basis of the three consecutive years of publishing an action plan for optimizing the business environment, Hainan has made frequent efforts to improve government services this year: the establishment of a special class for optimizing the business environment headed by the governor of the province, the construction of the province’s style of rectification, and the launch The province's activities of "checking blocking points, solving problems, and promoting development".

At present, there are more than 5,300 investigations on pendulum style problems and more than 4,400 problems with pendulum blockage investigations, with the resolution rate exceeding 80%.

  In the first three quarters of this year, the regional GDP of Hainan Province increased by 12.8% year-on-year, and the two-year average growth rate of 6.8% ranked first in the country.

Yu Tao, director of the Hainan Free Trade Port Research Center of the China South China Sea Research Institute, said that the growth rate of key economic indicators ranks among the top in the country, indicating that the “combination punch” of optimizing the business environment is effective. “Without a good business environment, talents and funds will not Gathered in Hainan."

  Yu Tao said that Hainan still has a long way to go to create a world-class business environment.

It is recommended to focus on the three dimensions of rule of law, internationalization, and facilitation, further strengthen execution, dynamically optimize business environment indicators for the business environment assessment system recognized by the world, and continue to deepen the reform of "delegation, management, and service" against the international advanced level. , Continue to optimize the business environment.