, Harbin, December 3 (Huang Xu reporter Shi Yifu) Manzhouli Port Station announced on the 3rd that as of November 30, China-Europe Express Trains reached 3,819 and 370,142 TEUs via Manzhouli Railway Port Station. Transportation has not been affected by this epidemic.

  From 00:00 to 24:00 on December 2nd, 56 new local confirmed cases were added in Manzhouli City. As of 24:00 on the 2nd, there were 241 local confirmed cases in Inner Mongolia. Manzhouli City started the sixth round of large-scale nucleic acid testing on the 3rd.

  On November 27, a local case occurred in Manzhouli City. The Manzhouli Railway Port Station launched an emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, and held a video conference on epidemic prevention and control to ensure the normal and orderly progress of railway port transportation.

  "When I was working on a crane on the 27th, I received an intercom notice in the duty room. It is possible that we need to be in the unit temporarily because of the epidemic." said Liu Guiqing, the gantry crane driver at the Manzhouli Railway Port Station.

Manzhouli Port Station.

Provided by Harbin Railway

  At present, in accordance with the territorial epidemic prevention and control requirements, the Manzhouli Railway Port Station has temporarily suspended the import of coal, chemical fertilizers, pulp and other related categories of goods that need to be contacted by personnel.

  In order to ensure the normal customs clearance of China-Europe trains, we adopt a centralized management mode for key positions and continuously optimize the shift system of train replacement operations to ensure that the transportation of China-Europe trains under the “Belt and Road” is not affected by sudden epidemics.

  The data shows that as of November 30, the number of China-Europe trains entering and exiting through the Manzhouli Railway Port Station reached 3,819 trains and 370,142 TEUs.

  At present, there are about 5-6 trains entering China-Europe Express, and nearly 300 containers are loaded and unloaded. The transportation of China-Europe Express has not been affected by the epidemic.