The reduction and exemption policies force a high level of total vegetable supply

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) The reporter learned yesterday that the Municipal Bureau of Commerce conducted daily monitoring of the city’s over 700 chain supermarket stores, nearly a hundred community vegetable markets, and major e-commerce platform terminal sales, showing that the city’s daily necessities market has a stable supply. , The order is good, especially the supply of meat, eggs and vegetables, with sufficient supply and rich categories.

The quantity of vegetables on the market in the main wholesale markets has stabilized at 23,000 to 24,000 tons, especially after the implementation of the policy of reduction and exemption of entry fees, the total quantity of vegetables on the market has been at a high level.

  In order to guarantee the supply in the market this winter, the supply companies in this city, especially the major wholesale markets, large chain supermarkets and point-to-point supply companies, strengthen stocking through multiple channels, tap the sources of goods through multiple channels, and organize the sources of goods into Beijing through multiple channels to ensure that the market supply continues to be unavailable. out of stock.

  Since the implementation of policy measures to reduce or exempt entry fees in the wholesale market, merchants have mobilized their enthusiasm in organizing supply of goods.

Monitoring shows that the market share of open-field vegetables in the south of this city has gradually increased, and the wholesale price of vegetables has stabilized and declined; the prices of lettuce, pakchoi, cabbage, spinach and other varieties with large increases in the early stage have all dropped significantly.

The supply of meat and eggs in the city is sufficient, and price fluctuations are stable within a reasonable range.

  The Municipal Bureau of Commerce stated that it will strengthen the management of government reserves, formulate a plan for the regulation and control of daily necessities for this winter and next spring to ensure emergency supply; make preparations for emergency release of daily necessities such as rice, noodles, grains, oils, meat, eggs, and vegetables to ensure that they can be adjusted at critical times and can be used. , Stabilize the market supply, and make every effort to ensure the stable supply of the capital's daily necessities during important festivals and major events such as the "Two Festivals" and the "Winter Olympics".