China News Service, Kunming, December 3 (Chen Jing, Xu Yuan, Wang Yunlong) At 0:00 on the 3rd, the Jinghong-Menghai Expressway was officially opened to traffic toll collection.

So far, Xishuangbanna Prefecture of Yunnan Province has achieved “high speed between counties and counties”, and it has become more convenient for the mainland of China to reach the Daluo port in Menghai County on the China-Myanmar border.

The data picture shows a section of Jinghong-Menghai Expressway taken on November 30.

Photo by Wang Yunlong issued by China News Agency

  Menghai County is under the jurisdiction of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province, bordering Myanmar in the west and south, and the border is 146.56 kilometers long.

Departing from Daluo Port in Menghai County, you can cross Myanmar to Thailand, and it is the nearest road from China to Thailand by land.

  The Jinghong-Menghai Expressway was invested and constructed by Yunnan Transportation Investment and Construction Group Co., Ltd., starting from Jinghong Forest Park in the east and ending in the south of Menghai County.

The main line is 54.2 kilometers in length, and 7.5 kilometers of the Jiangnan interchange connecting line in Jinghong City will be constructed simultaneously. The estimated amount of approval is 9.317 billion yuan.

The main line adopts the standard construction of a two-way four-lane expressway with a subgrade width of 25.5 meters and a bridge and tunnel ratio as high as 55.5%. The construction of the whole line started in December 2018.

There are 5 interchanges, 5 ramp toll stations, 2 service areas, and 1 parking area across the line.

  The main controlling project of the expressway, the Lancang River Bridge is 523 meters long, with a span layout of 3×40m composite girder + 300m span deck steel box arch bridge + 2×40m composite girder, which is the largest in China The span deck steel box arch bridge is a beautiful scenery along the Lancang River.

  The Jinghong-Menghai Expressway was completed and opened to traffic, fulfilling the goal of “connecting counties and counties to express highways” in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, which is of great significance to strengthening economic cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and Southeast Asian countries.